Wednesday, April 27, 2016

...'scep it dun werk!

It's so wonderful to have an unlimited word count - like stretching my legs and having myself a bonebreaking yawn!

Back to retelling my twitter experience, something to remember it by, and forget it by.:)

Initially all I talked to were sceps. They were my very negative lifeline on twitter, especially avocado. (The homeopaths were as haughty and secretive as irl, unfortunately, couldn't chat with that inhuman bunch at first!) I'll always remember him and destiny for their chat. Such opposites! Hers for kindness and friendliness, his for stilted hatred. But underneath, both were actually very helpful in getting me over my initial shyness. (like polygon and his jealous gf on IRC ... it takes a while for me to show my inner chatterbox.:)

But even discomfort is such a wonderful social goad. It sets the tone for all that follows. I never forgot that sceps were there to use us for amusement and scorn and could never be friends. They're just there, like all social parasites, to take, not give. It was the sanest lesson I've learnt.

But there were moments of fellow feeling with a few sceps, quickly squashed by them. I thought I liked the medical teck girl but I didn't recognize the manipulative in her until the dump. (These sceps are very practiced jerks, afraid of being seen as fraternizing, lol!). Still, got to admire how fast she types! I might have matched half that on my old keyboard.:)

There was a flat sea creature who reminded me of all the males I know, groaning about how excruciatingly painful it was to see me argue.:d For all that, he made me laugh, but he was a pompous, dom fink attacking randomly with smear.

It must be the air in the uk! all sceps on t. are afflicted with no personal ethics and monocular madness. (Most of the twitter sceps are from that benighted, insular island - diaspora the worst - avocado, tech girl, paulie, etc.)

They've picked up a bunch of groupies from everywhere but the sickest are islanders (uk, au, nz). They suck up to each other, fake affection, fawn, old boys club it - like a bunch of preppy schoolkids afraid of the cut. (I guess they're afraid of running into each other since it is such a tiny place! and the medical pecking order must be similar to the army... even where you sit at a party could bring grief!:)

I don't recall seeing such pandering since IRC sceps who were ruled by an iron mind. (Even I was afraid of that one, lol.:) If he turned his Sauron Eye on you, you'd pander or get the hell out of Dodge! lol

So overall not very impressive. Repetitive questioning and dull minds even (what else would happen if you've only got a 200 yr old strawman to beat and no real foes). But some of the cute gifs were a worth a laugh. All sceps are show-and-tell kids which I liked very much.

Matt and a few sane ones were nice enough until you touched a personal bugbear (vax & germ theory mostly).

The bottom line and the most wearying part was the denialism "it dun werk!" Can't get more boring than that for creative material - if I heard it one more time I'd have gone stark raving mad. So bloody boring!

One can wish them well though and hope that some day they'll meet a magnificent sceptic who'll take their breath away. But I doubt it. The limitations of scepticism means it can only grow meaner, harder, crueller and sharper (even on their own cult).

But ultimately it will reduce the greatest minds to it's narrowness.

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