Tuesday, April 26, 2016

On Guides and Angels

People think guides and angels are something sweet, gentle and tender. They couldn't be more wrong, as I've said before.

Guides and angels are driving, relentless forces for change, that *they* want, whether that change is good (for me!) or not. It always has to be done just right.

I have an argumentative and negotiated relationship with my guides. I do those things I agree with them on and don't do what I simply don't understand. They're incomprehensible sometimes. They don't argue back though, they just don't guide further until it's done.:/

My guides wanted me to be on Blogger, then Twitter for ... akashic records? not sure, but I was ok to go with it because I have such a great deal of yak in me!

Harmless enough to write here on the net, guides happy too. Since my notes are such a mess, I thought it would help to timeline on Twitter instead of blogging and then clean it up for the blog. With 140 I'd say so much less.:)

But Twitter!! That place is a karmic hotbed of seething sceps! It was interesting and fun, so I got happily distracted by all that glittered. I dived in, getting more and more tied up in delicious arguments. But within the first month, my solar plexus as usual began to act up. I always have trouble with it dealing with humans. I couldn't figure out a way to stay in there and be uninvolved - how do people do that? how do the healers resist provocation?

When I wanted to quit Twitter, for pure self-preservation and austerity purposes, they've stopped communicating with me!

I don't see what all this fuss is about twitter anyway. Being there seemed pointless to me when all I did was argue and screw up my solar plexus chakra.

Healing without guidance is a very blind, groping process (and I feel for the medical community that goes on without!). I miss the guides though.:(

I'm back to blogging to appease and hopefully have them back working with me again. I'm sure blogging is still  as Akashic as ever! I'm going to give this a few months and if they still won't give in, I'll go back on Twitter. 6 months should make me an evolved twit!:d

The problem is that guides and angels don't have egos and so don't understand how wearing it is to interact with silly people all the time. It's worse dealing with sceptics, the scum of the earth. (I even mean that kindly - they're that grounded!:)

Sceps are thoroughly mad, hilarious creatures - perfect foils for our own idiocy. Together our comic potential is infinite. But it does take a great deal of time and energy to deal with them. I barely have enough for my animals.

And it is wearing on the heart chakra and solar plexus. Surely the guides don't want me there chat, argue & indulge my sense of humor? to get emotionally involved and spat with perfect strangers?? I'm not sure ... these beings are weird.

According to Jay, I should try Walnut & Sweet Chestnut and go back to T. asap. But she refuses to get on twitter herself for the same reasons as me! How can that advice apply if she won't walk her talk?

Got to find a way not to get addicted - maybe only post sans hashtag? Or on #Reiki or #healing? Or only blog replies and not argue realtime? I need to give it a think. I can't go back as is. I need filters.

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