Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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This twitter is a crazy place for me. It doesn't suit me - I'm bored when there's no convo and it's negative when there is. It's the slowest chat especially now that my keyboard is gone and my typing is swiping.

I'm arguing with random controlling dom idiots about WW2, Palestine, smallpox and mms. Stuff I don't normally give a shit about, since it has nothing to do with healing or animals.

(I'm sure I can find a polite way to put that last sentence but it expresses my frustration with myself for not resisting the urge to argue.)

I have opinions about everything of course but never felt the need to air them except with drinking buddies before. T brought out the worst.:)

At the same time I learnt about things like Lachesis for Rocky's painful paralysis in  homeopathy from Vera and healing with Raphael from Adela, etc. Things that actually work wonderfully that I'd never have found anywhere else.

I learn from the sceps too how to laugh at the idiotic way we alt medders sound. Like really silly magical-thinking children.:)

I wish I'd learnt from the alt medders how to ignore the sceps.

Also to see the contradictions that tie up the sick in impossible, unfair choices, usually too late to save them with the slower surer homeopathy. They have a point there - once the body is irreversibly altered, patients are better off living on allopharma.

If anything I think it reinforces my determination not to waste time and energy on healing humans.

But really, how can they heal with allopathy which is so stopgap and blind? I don't know how healers can avoid talking about homeopathy if the person recognises the problem early enough to try for a real cure. Sad mess that's impossible to solve.

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