Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hmm, angels are weird.:(

I'd written a long and juicy post on how sceps are malignant narcissists, which felt good, but it got lost in the posting.

That happens to me rarely despite being a complete tech dunce, so I take it as a sign that the guides don't like wholesale  labelling no matter how amusing.:)

In fact, it's always been funny and ironical how much the guides like science, sceps & technology. My guides would have me on the internet on weird apps and using sci fi gadgets all the time if I was willing! They like shiny new ideas much more than they like our backward-looking, vague, back-to-nature, worn out tropes.

So I thought I'd write about that peculiarity instead.

First, I think it's because inspiration has the same source - I'll bet the guides take credit for inspiring most of the innovations of modernity. I know of many scientific a-ha moments that came out of dreams and mystical origins to some very hard-working scientific minds.

Then I think they like science and scientists because they're doers. If they make the leaps of thought necessary to scientific breakthroughs, the guides love them best.

Psychics who just chatter away,who are always asking about the past or future who can't connect to the present or reality, and can't do anything with knowledge are probably a waste of their time.

Also, I think the rigour of science, the discipline and collective effort that spans the globe is how they'd like humanity to progress. All Alt  act as brakes to this global effort - those who try to 'talk' to guides and angels are the ones they least want! Lol!

The irony probably goes even deeper. It's faith, not cynicism, that's actually innocent and pure and of high clarity. It is a pure belief that can lead to pure action since belief guides action.

Angels aren't into murky religion or vague spirituality as much as they are into scientific clarity for this high vibration. All clarity in energy terms is all action.

(What struck me during the smallpox argument was just how much *faith* the science and medical fans had in vaccination as the cure. The innocence and belief in scientists. It guides action more surely than our alt med suspicions.)

So, scientists/sceps are probably not narcs or shills or evil, and they're not the 'enemy' of humanity. The angels are, after all, on their side.:)

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