Saturday, April 30, 2016

Guiding thought back to action

The guides and angels need something to work with. I can see some struggles in alt medders is because of the lack of a scientific background but also because of thought being divorced from action and reality. I'll give this to the sceps: many of their questions were thought provoking.

If you have a great idea while reading about quantum physics, like Deepak Chopra or Venky, even if you see parallels to your work, there's nothing more you can do with it without a science and math foundation.

You can use it as a metaphor, you can get excited and repeat it to a hundred people, but the inspiration alone is worthless. (For eg. It's worse than worthless for someone like me to have medical inspirations since nothing medical actually excites me. So if the guides gave me an idea of a new kind of thermometer I'd have to treat it like a bad dream and let it go.)

To you, the inspired, it's a frustrating obsession, to the world it adds no actionable imperative, to the body of human knowledge, nothing new. It's mental masturbation - the thought gives you intense pleasure, saying it aloud makes you proud, sharing the secret happily bonds you with like minds.:)

Luc Montaignier though had a breakthrough & was a scientist. Again those like Dana who took off with his idea forgot that they knew no science by which they could apply it! (Luc himself might have gone a little mad around that time.:) It's just a fine bunch of words if it can't change our application of healing.

In quantum terms, do our homeopathic potencies correspond to the election shells? Does potentization change the particle:matter relationship or even excite certain masses to eject energy? Or does potential energy level rise in a remedy? Would knowing that make us use different potencies differently?

The thing is that none if it is useful to homeopathy or alt med at present. It leads to no better prescribing, doesn't cure a single new disease, has nothing to add to the body of knowledge, homeopathic or human. New paradigms and new interpretations of the theory which aren't actionable are a waste of time. At present.

What we could all do instead is start making it actionable and ignore the science we can't do. List and check out the remedies that make particular quantum shifts and how it applies to certain disease and healing; if it's triangulation and Hilbert spaces, show remedies that display those relationships that can be applied to timelessly fuse healing. Even one example should demonstrate how it can be applied in reality.

I know that with just a little more work (I'm getting to it!;) I should be able to list the diseases that are mtDNA related that homeopathy can heal and those that are paternal and can't. That's how theory can be applied to practice (praxis, is the ugly official term:). And I can then use that to heal animals. If I can't separate out the cures connected to the mutations vs those of the nucleus, I should set that great theory aside.:) Cancer especially interests me because if it's link to tb and diabetes. Both those disease nosodes were the first remedies triggered by Reiki.

But unless the thought can be applied in real life, we don't actually do much with it. The greater the clarity the more the idea is worth. Then the angels will have a reason to chat with us.:)

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