Friday, April 29, 2016

Do not Disturb - Twits at work

So, the whole time on T, I was like my bored kittens, gingercat & roguen, following people around saying, "do something interesting, I want to play!" and all these humans acting busy and important with no time for me.:)

Both homeopaths and sceptics are guilty of this online busyness idiocy. I can understand if they're mad Mary Kay housewives desperately seeking fortune from e-business plans, but all of those are on fb, no? the truly lunatic wannabe network. Surely twitter hasn't imported all of them yet?

I've yet to meet anyone making money off the internet who's online 24/7. And so busy doing what ... (I feel for how these motherless kittens feel, following me around in the hope I'll scare up a roach or two for their amusement. twitter had the human version I have less sympathy for.:)

Time on chat should be fun, but it just isn't. It's like going to the pub or a party just to hear about someone's Tupperware sales. Pyramid marketing makes no bloody sense, lol, can't think why so many get sucked into it and make my time with them a bore.

The other kind we meet online increasingly are the deadhead vampiric sceptics out to ruin any innocent happiness they find. These must be the guys women marry for money and then try to socialize by bringing them to parties, lol. Every party ruined forever after!:d To be on Twitter with a 'mission' to destroy alt med must be the most boring years of one's life. More like marking time until death claims you! I guess western thinking can't go much further since nihilism is the sceps end game: you live, cling desperately through what meds money can buy, then you're dead. finis. So as they get closer to nothingness, they get afraid and spread their fear across social networks.

So many of the nasties were sick but unaware that their disease influenced their thinking. How could it not? Don't look to me to point it out though, I'll just stay away.

I wonder how long cynicism takes to become disease, because that's not a disease-talking, but the process the other way around - the mind going first. (The worst cynic I knew who made life hell for his kids and wives lived 18 yrs from the event that created the mindset.)

Where are the social, healthy, chatty folk these days? That's where I want to be!

(Not Whatsapp, Skype or Snapchat please!:)

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