Saturday, December 24, 2016

Upper immunity

So our tonsils enable us to make antibodies to external bacteria and microbes.

Lips too somehow (when I had that brief tomato allergy my lips would swell to an Angelina jolie extreme!;) Our lips may easily be our health marker - most features we consider 'beautiful' are just subconscious disease-free states we look for and are drawn to.

When I have the niruri mold, I have a tongue reaction first. My taste is enhanced and trigger saliva or not; a tonsils reaction almost within a half hour which swells my throat like a sore throat which subsides and leaves my lips feeling cool. If the reaction is stronger, my esophagus is cool too after.

Yesterday my throat developed a reflex cough as well.

And somehow gut bacteria dominate human cells.(1) How this happens and why may have to do with our prana.


Another prana detail

"Exhale only love" -Rumi

Another reason I'm pretty sure prana is gut bacteria breathing is my strange illness.

It began, not directly from Uran, but when I did about 20 'prana breaths in a row. It set off a cramp that went beyond just the abdominal muscles - through the entire cavity, the walls everything including the fluid. And the purge.

I've had something similar but milder happen while healing cancer patients and dying animals who draw a huge amount of energy to transition (not everyone needs that much to go).

Even healing this little paralysed old dog (male as it turns out) makes me cramp up so much I need to run to the loo. I probably use more than Reiki and delve into my own supply from the primitive gut microbes.

So the guides have corrected my error! Now I can build it up so that I don't run out while healing.

Easy to say. I just realised that it's the same as the anxiety we get when we have stage fright or a panic attack. The same thing that gets kids to run away from school. When you need the loo before you go out to a party.:)

Doing ok

I'm doing more this winter than ever before. It is milder than most, and the animals are more stable and I seem to have more energy. I'm up to around 200 animals all in.

Still hibernation sleep seems to be 8 hrs, I'm sleepy at sunset and I'm up at night. The animals on the other hand are active from sunset and are waiting in the cold of the morning instead of sleeping. This is going to be a problem soon, as the Jan chill takes effect.

I hope I can keep going though. I'm missing a mealtime every alternate day almost. They're missing every CME and geomagnetic storm day. Except for the very old this it's usually not so catastrophic. They'll have multiple sources even if I'm delivering their main meal.

Paralysed dog contd. (Small Success!:)

For the old lady (guy it turns out, but a very pretty face:), picking up from where I left off:

1. Thuja 30 a few days ago then nothing until yesterday when it started drawing the Spongia-eup perf-rock rose-heather combo (20/Dec).

2. next Conium 10m which was so strongly drawn I thought for suicide! Cann sat I think once. Ruta 10m, Lactic acid 12 and one more I can't recall.

3.Then (21/12) the Streptococcin 1M, the isopathic remedy no dog has ever drawn before! It worked in the underside of the ribs at the apex of the lungs. A lot of other dogs drew it as well on the day of the solar wind making the geomagnetic rise to G2 skipping G1 levels! I should look into it next time.

4. After a few dull remedies which made me doubt the sanity of letting guides pick remedies, Rhus tox high, 10m (22 Dec). Drew it on the forehead too! At 4:30 am, the dog called to me and I gave it again. It drew the remedy deep into the brain on the right side where the bum leg lays out stiff.

Today (23/12), it drew streptococcin again at the tip of its nose lightly but long. He hadn't eaten in 2 days so I was thrilled when he sipped a little milk.

For the first time too he let me turn him on his side!

In the afternoon, the guides wanted me to give all the animals the Rad brom 30- Uran 3-Iod 3-phos 6 combo of the last time. I gave him a sniff (in case he left off eating again and didn't get the general dose).

I noticed he was using his forepaws to clean his face and lick it off for the first time. He had no dexterity (or movement) in his shoulder blades before.

After seeing that I wanted to fuss over him and the guides oked the castor oil that they love so much over petroleum jelly (when did their preference change back?:) or other oils.

I was rubbing him down on his chest when Voilà! his stiff bum leg began to scratch in time!  it must have been a long dead reflex and have hurt, because when I did the rubbing about 20 times to get the reflex (very excited!) he got irritated and wanted to bite me.:)

He sat up from the lying down position all by himself. And now amazingly he's just licked himself all over his side and stomach, able to curve his spine! Even reach his penis which is so necessary for their urinary cleanliness.

What's more, what gives me the greatest hope is that he can pant!!

He's had small markers of improvement before: came out of the coma like sleeps he'd fall into and became alert faster, panted once for 3 mins 4 days ago, stopped shivering (bone deep chills, hypothermia) at night as deeply or as continuously, able to lift his head off the ground without my help, etc. But it's sped up! Now if I only don't ruin it with anxiety and/or excessive enthusiasm, I think he's in the road to a recovery (of sorts! maybe paralysis won't let up but at least if he can drag himself around a few years without gangrene setting in I'll be grateful).

I've never seen homeopathy work so fast before. It's the prana breathing that's making a difference.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Prana makes us more like plants?

One detail I keep forgetting to blog that my guides thought was important is that Prana might be an exudate of gut bacteria. So we might be more like trees than we realize.:)

The reason this came up was that I noticed that my hands are more sensitive early in the morning as i wake and healing is faster and clearer. Perhaps a resting abdomen breathes deeper. Much like prana increases after pranayama and meditation, even slow walking (Zen).

So maybe our gut flora esp fungi do what the trees' root fungal network do at night - build a life-giving aether or oxygen-like thicker magnetic exudate.

More later.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

New years resolution already!

Konmari-ing has shown me that I am mad about homeopathy.

I've got countable numbers of most things - clothes, books, papers and komodo. But my remedies, nutritional supplements and allopathy med chest are out of control!

I'm buying new meds all the time, sometimes even ones I've forgotten I have. This has got to stop before my shelves crack from the load!

Also, I want to place the existing ones into the solar chart. When do they trigger? Esp the plant remedies which fall into a good pattern in the moon cycle. They're very difficult to place in the sun cycle.

My guides were right in pointing out that they'd survive me if I'm not careful. That alone terrifies me. When I die there should be nothing to remind my family of me, no cleaning crisis of heart breaking proportions, no tears. I want to be quickly forgotten. Can't have them suffering over my homeopathic vials!

I'm calculating that in a year I can finish most of them if I use them at the rate of 21/week. So that's my immediate goal for this new years. Come 2018, I should have only a few remedies that I can use up within the month. No accumulation!


I seem to need more sleep in the winter despite the mostly  sunny days.

I'm sleeping 6-8 hours on the sunny ones and maybe upto 10 on the cloudy dull ones.

It just struck me that I could factor it in instead if fighting it every day. I'll just take an hour out of twitter or chatting on the phone.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Rescue again

My guides don't want me to post this so maybe she's not going to survive.:(

I picked up a paraplegic girl. Another distemper survivor - no teeth, tremors, hind legs paralysed, cataract, smelly gangrenous breath.

Everything I say about not rescuing is false because you can't leave dogs in that state on the road; if you put them in shelters they're just ignored on cold floors in kennels until they die since the most caring vet is still clueless to treat these cases. Private vets, well, greedy and shamelessly egocentric most of them, will start by madly injecting her with their current wonder drug.

Like Rocky, this old lady might need Lachesis but the guides began this way: I think the first potency drawn is what they need all healing to happen at. So if they draw it at 12x, they always need 12 in minerals at least.

1st on 15/12: Just prana breathing. She was lying in the mud within inches of cars screeching by. She'd try and bite anyone attempting to move her. After a few she let me put her in a basket before she panicked and began snapping again. Two good Samaritans caught an auto for me (I forgot to thank them in the rush!:/ We sped off as i held her all the way home).

[Without the prana this whole op is usually a nightmare. I get bit, then people want to kill the dog for me, I have to protect dog, calm dog, find transport and lecture them getting hated as a weak person, so no one helps and I've exhausted myself in the process. Drama-free means ergs conserved!:]

So though we now know it's diabetes, the guides didn't want insulin, homeopathic or otherwise, which I thought would protect the solar plexus. So maybe it locks trauma in? In a sad way, maybe all diabetics are doomed by being on it.

Their first pick was Nat mur 12: shock, grief, fright can be treated with it in homeopathy. So I healed with it at the root, base of the spine, and it set off a deep trembling in her in 5 mins. She kind of 'woke up' (like surfacing from under water) for the first time and drank a load of water which she'd been refusing until then.

Then 2nd: Conium 10m, Chenapodium 30, Grindelia 3 - so all plant remedies to clear the system probably. I can't figure out why the order. Grindelia is in a diabetic list by Ojas. Conium is for ascending paralysis, Chenapodium for worms and otitis. Chenapodium or Conium cleared the spasms around the head which made her cry out at 3 am.

Can't guess if the order is important or if any plant remedy would do to activate and purge cells of trauma.

All of today (16/Dec) she's peeing where she lies and drinking water when I wake her up. Just a few hours ago in the evening she drank milk and ate two pieces of meat for the first time. The general trembling continues but she's not waking up in a screaming panic like last night. She's sleeping more heavily, snoring too but not able to turn her body. I had to do it for her.

Her legs are still stiffly sticking out from under her. I have to change her bedding soon because the ammoniacal smell is overpowering, but maybe tomorrow. If she's painfully swollen I'd just be stressing her out again.

More later.

Every rescue is a disaster for me. There's no returning them to the street, there's limited space and they disrupt life for the existing animals. Burial is a problem too if they die.

I rescue  old and dying animals because I'd like to give them a warm, quiet, safe place to let go in and a full stomach with no thirst in the end. But even those live upto 2 years with me. I never rescue if I can help it. I hate having to. I understand why shelters kill to make room for more and to keep functioning - these blind, exhausted animals are so easily explained away as they serve no apparent purpose alive.:(

But, to me, they're all anchors. They ground people into reality and fix them in place when they love them. People with animals live longer.

But today (17 Dec) I had to leave an old male, who was struggling to walk, behind. I fed him and he ate voraciously. He had a collar so probably abandoned. In this cold.:(

He's an alpha and he'll rile up my dogs more than a female.  He could still walk which is more than my old lady could do. And see a little, no full cataract. He could see from one eye at least so I wished him love and luck and left him regretfully.

Shelters are packed and noisy. And he'll be euthanized. He'll do better in the quiet neighborhood he's in. Maybe the next person will give him a home or at least feed him regularly on the street.

Feel awful. As bad as when I give the street sleepers a blanket and sweater and run away. All winter I feel guilty that I can't do more for these poor creatures. But there's only so much one person can do for the chronic misery created by an indifferent, affluent society.

Confusing alphas

I've made a mistake with an alpha that I didn't realise could happen to those without functioning pineal glands.

There is an aggressive dog who bullies every other dog (but it's girlfriend) when I'm feeding them. Very disruptive.

About a month ago I got annoyed at how little the others got and was new to prana breathing so wanted to try to give him the energy direct so that he wouldn't steal from others. I sent some very irritable intentions with the breath, I think.

The very next day he was hanging back. He'd eat only if I cut off small pieces or specifically directed him to eat. Pretending he was helpless or sick maybe.

This also happened to the black male circle puppy too on a similar breath to stop him scaring and stealing from his sister. He seems to have found a balance though of better behaviour, probably because he's young, growing and adapted it to his understanding of life with humans. And his pineal is still evolving.

But the older alpha is still confused, after a whole month!

My takeaway from this is
* only to use the prana breath when calm and joyful;
* only to use it on the young & non-alphas who need the energy boost;
* not to use it in annoyance when animals are making a nuisance of themselves from an excess of stuck energy;
* not to use it to take away anything energetic but to give.

An alpha naturally has an excess of energy which is why they head groups. I had not understood that in terms of food fights. Sceps are probably in the same power-accumulating, down to earth, confused-about-kindness  category

I don't know how to undo what I've done and make him confident again but I can leave future alphas and sceps alone.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Healers are needed

I'm not particularly fanciful or egocentric (not much:) but I've begun to notice a kind of hush when I pick good remedies. It's like my animals and Nature itself holds its collective breath and bounds in joy when I find a good one.

My dogs settle for a good snooze, Tipu and Hyder (who live in a bag behind my bed now) scramble for space, old Blackie settles on the box in the shelf and even the rats stop squabbling. The kittens even 100-200 ft away in a different house calm down in about 10 mins. I feel like Jonathon Livingstone Seagull taking off.:)

It's amusing and terrifying to know how deep and needy the world is for a powerful healer if even I can do this much with so little.

The converse is that they hate me chatting on twitter avoiding healing responsibility and escaping into that lala land.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mysterious Diabetes

The more I know about diabetes the less confident I get of the cure. There may actually be no cure since it's like a chimera, so deceptive.

About 6-8 months ago it dawned on me that the Victorian distemper of humans was the same as canine distemper which is the same as kitten fip which is cholera (-('choleric' was also used in Victorian romance:).

By concentrating on the parasite, allopathy has foolishly or deliberately turned it into a thousand different diseases.

Still just figuring that out didn't make life any easier. Childhood disease is rapid onset, swift death. Adult disease is splintered into a billion symptoms as the life energy adapts and warps to keep flowing.

Uran was my first breakthrough - 8, now 10 kittens saved! What's more, the stream of fip kittens being born has temporarily halted - something's changed in the pregnant mothers.

But there are still residual symptoms in the survivors - lung (tipu), heart (icy), throat (voice lost, gcat), abdomen (rani), nerve (raja), skin (kenchu) that flare up with solar events.

Yes, fundamentally it is solar driven. The CME, flare, solar wind (and the cosmic radiation when none of these are there), make cure look like an impossibility. Space weather is unpredictable and so is diabetes.

But I persist because, well, I'm convinced cure is linked to prana and breathing and so it should be within our power to heal. A combination of homeopathy, prana and Reiki should build a protective aura thick enough to withstand external provocation. As long as the guides are sharing, I can hope.

This month has been the best yet for all my animals. It can only be because of these energies because space weather hasn't changed.

Two interesting sites with protocols on treating it.
1. Diabetic homeopathy remedies:
2. Diabetes and it's permanent cure:


This group of plant remedies are important for cats and dogs during this winter.

It has pinching abdominal pains around the liver or ascending colon. This is usually a symptom precursor to internal inflammation, hardening and gangrene.

Diabetes and forgetting

To get back to the subject of diabetes which my guides feel I didn't do enough justice to, or finish, which I keep getting sick and forgetful of: Alzheimer's and senility (probably even aging) is diabetes in its later manifestations.

The thing is that it's a suckling problem and even further back, it's a problem from the womb. Ill-nourished placentas probably. A pregnant mother's shock, PTSD and nutrient deficiency. A mother's pica. Her cravings and her temporary pregnancy diabetes gets lodged in the child and the sins of the father are indeed passed on to his child.

If you don't conceive in love, in joy and security, with enough resources to multiply, the body seems to use the fetus for emotional waste disposal, just as it does heavy metals (vera).

The child is then born to die or suffer.

In cats I often wonder about it. There are steady couples mated for life - like Patriarch and Matriarch,  Banditti and Manmatha, Magalu & Oldie. Then there are the single independent females not really in love with any particularly - the terrace pair, shilla, Chiri, Blackie- that rogue males like Rafiq and Boyfriend seem to rape. I wonder if the rash of dying kittens might have been traumatic conception and if that is why they develop infant diabetes and are even abandoned by the mothers when they bite instead of suckle. (The mothers themselves weren't very healthy to begin with, and as their own survival is precarious, and they're too young, they're not ready to mate or procreate).

It's too complex to understand easily why the life force goes haywire. But emotions like fear and hate, appear to be central to the suffering and needs healing. There's an irritability of fiber and the nerves are shot leaving their solar plexus' weak and vulnerable.

When women become precious, the diabetic disease may vanish. When men grow gentle and kind to their women they'll have strong healthy babies. When older women mate and give birth, longevity and disease-free kits might be born. When they mate for love, etc. ... That seems to be the message of the guides. At least, in the healing of cats and dogs.

Love might be in the radioactive spectrum.:)

I remember the shocking clarity of the world when I was deeply in love. I have never been more alive than in that hormone soup. I understood both a painful, poignant beauty and it's transient nature in that brief moment. My aura was filled with it. (That it didn't last is beside the point.;)

A child conceived in that and carried to term would have been invincible. Glad it didn't happen because it was an illusion and the child would have been a very real person ...;p but just saying that there's a better way to conceive than most conceptions today in the world. We must be glowing in a radioactive love to have children that glow the same.

If the kitten is glowing, s/he suckles peacefully, laving and loving, sharing energy. They both glow and grow. The mother remembers all her instincts to nurture, not just to protect and feed anxiously.

Because nurture is generations of memory, it takes more energy to remember, rising up as gut instinct. It's encoded for security, for secure release in a timebound, need based fashion. All memory problems stem from the solar plexus. That wonderful ancient animal brain that is inextricable linked to the delicate heart chakra.

Diabetes during pregnancy means forgetting. Diabetes in children means emotional stunting and forgetting gut  instincts. Diabetes is senility.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Uran again ... 3x

My guides are relentless with Uran nit and I'm terrified. I've given it to the animals at 3x even though my diarrhea from the last dose is only now stopping.

Kittens and younger dogs much better.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The cataract effect of Uran

It's happening for Icy too! The cataract in both eyes are gathering lower down on the lens. So this is the 4th and oldest dog! Took so many doses though - and dangerous when I've never used the remedy before. Really takes it out of me.:(

But *phew*. About 7-8 reckless doses before bakery black died, 24day break then 1 dose; then 12 day break then 1 dose. About 10 doses.

In none of the 4 is the eye completely clear. But the hardened lens has a concentrated spot of cataract on the lower side and hazy milkiness throughout lightening upward.

Most of these dogs are also mostly deaf and with atherosclerosis of the veins if the ears. I hope to see that change back in the order of appearance.

This lightens my heart so much because it extends the lifespan of street dogs. Deaf and blind on the roads is death under the wheels of an impatient narc.

Hekla lava again

Because Uran is such a sycotic remedy (working from the circumference to the center - skin to bone, soft tissue to hard, mucus membranes to nerve, etc.), hekla with it's wild calcium:mineral combination seems to suit.

I'm applying it on the skin for Kenchu at 30x in petroleum jelly. With just two applications (it's drawn every 3 days) his skin is softer than with just the daily jelly I was doing before.

(I'd have thought graphites going by the book but Reiki and the guides do their own non- intellectual, counterlogical real time choosing.:)

It makes sense in another way of thinking too. Uran is dislodging inappropriate calcium and potassium and other left-sided alkali metals & earths. It makes sense that this hekla will help in that range.

It's been many years since I used it. I feel like I've gone full circle in the 5 years (more like a spiral though!).

Leaving them alone

I feel like I've spent a lifetime just learning to leave animals alone..

I was so much into rescue and rehab and rehome in the first portion of my life. I made so many unhappy adoptees just to keep them warm and fed.

The second portion of my life was getting rid of the notion of human support. I'd just stick to  feeding them where they were, but still the very young and very old and sick I'd take with me, either to vets and home, or shelters and vets. Unnecessary, cruel and fatal for most. But I comforted myself with having tried. Like all animal lovers do. Poor comfort for the soul.

In the third portion of my life, I've left most of them alone, only treating them and feeding them where they are until they die. This was the hardest and I'm still struggling with it. I still rescue the very young, abandoned kittens but with cats they grow up into independence (like Ginger) unlike puppies. I've returned many dogs to their home territories and just today it struck me that even that was wrong, in a fateful way!

Dancer who had run away, I picked up and returned home to her usual haunt thinking she'd got lost. She died (disappeared with a stranger presumed dead) a few weeks later in a vehicular accident. What if she'd moved location to avoid that and might still be alive if I'd just fed her in her new location or even left her alone? It's a shocking question that I have never asked myself before.

I returned Blackie from another area he'd run away to after the forced vax. Within a week of bringing him back, he was picked up by a couple of do-gooders and by a miracle came out of the NGO alive and was not euthanized. Probably my scathing phone calls, but it was close.

Maybe there's the breath of Death on them that they feel and can change a little by moving on.

I remember the old Sweetie went off to the bbmp office from my home and I brought her back thinking she'd lost her way. She died two weeks later of pneumonia. Maybe it was a premonition. Like oldiefattypuppyguy, brought him back 3 times. Vanished. For years later I explained Sweetie's move away by thinking she'd gone to say goodbye to her old friends. But what if she would have lived on if only I hadn't enticed her back??:(

White three-legs after 2 rescues simply vanished within hours of being brought back home. Two dogs of his gang were run over that week by a careless driver and died in agony I'm told. Maybe he saved himself by his determination to see the world. It has puzzled and grieved me for so long that those rescues were failures. Maybe he's well, elsewhere.

It boggles my mind but thinking in the reverse, how many dogs and cats that I've settled into new locations by just feeding them have come so nearly dead and have had  extended lifespans since! I didn't know where they were from but with a couple of homeopathy remedies and regular food once a day, so many dogs and cats have come alive again.

Maybe they escaped the web of death by changing location? I've only been so proud of saving them and settling them down, that I've never given it a thought.Police girl, foxy, majestic, ruby, Elsie, all her pups and their pups,  the I-exp 4, the diners 3, the new Red, raja, Rani, Gcat, so many more. They moved, they lived longer lives.

I'm resolved now to follow my guides advice and not relocate or rescue any (except tiny kits maybe)! Not even those that change location, no matter how much I've bonded with those souls. If they're on my route I feed and heal them. If not, I let them go with my blessings and not worry or search for them. My guides constantly tell me this and I thought they were heartless.

They know what they're doing deep down.

Dhua - Islamic prana

I've always been fascinated with the words,"Dhua de" used by the Muslim poor  Literally it means "breathe on me" though they explain it generally as "blessings". Outside every mosque the sick and poor ask the faithful to breathe on them, blow on them the energy of prayer.

No other people seem to understand the healing power of prana especially after prayer, in a pure mind. That it has been passed down for generations in India is equally impressive.

Ever since the guides taught me to prana breathe, I've thought of this striking plea for sharing the energy of prosperity, grace and life between brothers of a faith. What a clear understanding of shared power and energy transfer! I'd been meaning to write a note about it all this time.

I've put it off hoping I'd understand how prana breathing actually works but I've got nowhere. As yet.:)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Niruri again - new & better!

Swiping like writing takes too bloody long and you have to make time for it. By the time I do most of the crowded thoughts related to guides have dried up and blown away!:)

But I do recall actions I've taken better. That's why I changed it to a daily diary kind of thing ... but I'm lazy to boot. Anyway, I'll do the best I can and the guides will have to take it like it is!

This is related to the niruri mold. I'd got as far as just washing the boiled roots in water and drinking it by the middle of November. That tasted awesome! Just like earth. And it was debittered, so most likely my favorite fungus.

At that point though the guides stopped me from using it. They wanted me to work on the water filter. A rat had chewed through a large plastic jar and every blank moment it would pop into my head (yes, guides are highly annoying creatures). I ignored the provocation for two weeks but finally gave in a few days ago. I put the tough, boiled niruri roots into it and placed the old pebble filter in as well. They continued to be unhappy. I'd read about hydroponics a long time ago. I also remembered the beauty of the western ghats because of ferns that grew between rocks as water filtered through. They were very pleased I caught on! So today I ruthlessly uprooted a few large niruri plants, acid washed a few large rocks and put them all together in the larger broken plastic jar and let water trickle through. I hope this is it.

I'm actually so very pleased with this biofilter! Can't think why I didn't do it before!! It looks so pretty and is such a great way to get oxygen to the roots and then into the water.

More on Walter, caduceus and prana

Should go into the Russell Walters post.

This is part of the caduceus-harmonic periodic table idea. Consider the two snakes of the caduceus as the Ida and Pingala. The Ida is the rising, metallic elemental earth energy. The Pingala should have the descending spent energy of human/animal/plant production and/or waste.

It always confused me that it didn't have the snake going the other way but I think I understand why now.

The plant/animal side should face downward but doesn't because it represents Prana, different from the life force, more like a magnetic earth energy, generated by the living.

"The kundalini or snaking energy must travel up the spine to the brain and fully decalcify the pineal gland with the fire energy." (from a tweet).This fire energy must be prana.

But how so they both heal?

The elements heal according to Walter Russell's harmonic periodic table, I think. But opposite. The largest effect is by Uran and on every layer from the skin to the bones. Esp the skin. The least effect would be from the higher end.

The prana energy exits at the head. It reorganises life in some way that affects the gut.

As incoherent as all this is, it's all I've got.

There's something in it that homeopathy does exclusively that no other medical system seems to do. I'm having real trouble articulating the effect. Homeopathy acts in an opposite way - I think I established that with a month of losing hair and phlegm with potassium iodate.:)

As we heal from both sides, with plant/animal remedies on one side and mineral on the other, we're breaking up blockages.

Plant and animal energy meds  are very cleansing. Most homeopathic ones are poisons.

Homeopathic mineral remedies should probably also be used in an opposite way for cleansing. Building up is left to consumption. But consumption of nutrients won't help without breaking it down first. Food is poison to the disordered gut because it converts it into excesses of one or the other nutrient driving imbalance further and deeper.

So nutrition too has only a limited role to play in health.

Yet, my use of homeopathy has been wrong. I've been treating it as the beginning and end of healing. I've even only used Reiki to support it. Only when I saw the massive healing energy of breath prana did I realise I'd missed out on something vital. Homeopathy's a part of it, but not all. More when I understand it better.

More generally, the radioactive spectrum

Uran has now numbed my tongue and given me ulcers on the tip of it (1 Dec). Similar to last time except that I had ulcers all over my mouth and very severe gum pain.

(2 Dec) Again the rapid almost unbelievable speed with which the ulcers healed has to be Uran at work. Kenchu is peeling so over his back again. The rate of change is shocking. The guides wanted me to put Hekla 30 in petroleum jelly for him so I did (didn't want bakery Black's  multilayer peeling all the way through again). The skin over the jaw joint is swollen but no longer scratched to bleeding like it was 2 days ago. Icy is itching all over the face and annoyingly whiny because of cyclone nada, but his vertigo seems better - he's jumping on and off the bed without as much hesitation.

Tipu seems to be breathing better overall. No stuffy noise except yesterday when cyclone nada hit the Chennai coast.

The grey and white Iyumeyu is the greatest surprise - for the first time as a mom she's been taking food to her kittens! And I saw not two but three of them had survived. Mom's mothering  memory and the babies survival skills appear to have taken a turn for the better. First set to survive after 3-4 years for her! So proud of you,:hon.:)

Blackie, Grey's sis, seems better too. Not suffering as much as she usually does during weather change. She's the only adult foam cat that I know - her bile foams up like it does for kittens, like it did for her kittens. The only survivor of the two sets she's given birth to is the ultrahealthy Rafiq. All the other kittens died either at birth or foaming just as they transitioned to solid food. She was a good mother. But now she's voluntarily kept herself from mating.

The underlying state to diabetes is extreme fear and anxiety and nothing I do reduces hers. Even Reiki scares her these days - something about the thick energy surrounding her, like it was with Gunda, just won't let up.

When she and Grey were kittens, they arrived at my place through a series of mishaps. Falling down from parapets, keeping each other alive with mews. Both had severe respiratory problems that worsened with weather ('thunderstorm asthma' as they call it these days). Echinacea 10m helped Grey live, Blackie improved drastically with Graphites and survived drowning once with Causticum.

But since then I've seen that the whole thing - fear, fip, foaming, respiratory, dizziness, circulation, both forms if diabetes and weather problems are all related, all part of the radioactive spectrum in healing.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Plant remedies and cleansing

So far it's clear that mineral and elements supplement (underside/front draw) and plant remedies cleanse. Mostly (poisonous plants & animal remedies especially) (back, spinal).

There are three (four?) elimination routes: lungs for carbon exchange, kidneys for salt and intestines for bulk/fiber. Skin for oils?

So there must be correct remedies for each to be activated?

I've really got to look into that. After Uran they draw plant remedies, esp Clem and Arn (Clem before the start of the solar month, Arn halfway through). Followed by Rad brom last time.

Diabetics, Uran and Memory

Like I said before, diabetics seem to forget differently. They lose content, perhaps the (higher/deeper) emotional depth, or something similar. There is exaggerated lower emotions though quite divorced from reality - more on principle, duty-bound, the  'conscientious objector', politically correct, idealized & mechanical kinds. There is a loss of spontaneity replaced by a righteous, solar plexus-driven feeling.

Uran nit brings it back. All of it probably, though I've seen it only in very young kittens.

Gundugirl was the fifth? kitten saved, but Uran wasn't still in my homeopathic repertory. She doesn't remember her mother since she was abandoned with her two siblings in an attic.

She often goes to Stripes and touches noses, shyly asking if Stripes is her mom.

Yesterday (28/11) they all got the Uran, which always energizes the kittens no end.

Today, suddenly, standing on the wall looking up at her birth mom on the parapets, the terrace black&gold, she suddenly seemed to recall her! Her mom though has forgotten and Uran hasn't yet gone deep enough in the adult population to bring back bonds. G mimicked her pacing almost experimentally and followed her longingly for a while until I left. Later she ignored Stripes, showing a marked difference in attitude to the stepmotherly cat! an inner confidence was apparently restored. I'm happy for the girl because she ought to know her mom is sweet and alive.:)

Tipu and Hyder too went inside and sat on the dining table like they remembered growing up under it. They haven't done that in months since Stripes had her next batch. Today Tipu, who usually can barely breathe for the sniffles, was playing madly. He usually only has energy to eat and watch others play. Tipu was my 6th healed FIP kit, and Uran 3 had saved him. Hyder is now looking to mate - he was the 5th and never really let me get close except for a couple of days with Uran. He absorbs it well from the food directly needing no prana or Reiki to support.

In other effects ...
I've had short sharp episodes of vertigo once each day from the 28th. Not the kind spread out through the day like last time but more severe.

Like before, my tongue lost all taste for food and no cravings at all and water tastes delicious (I normally never drink water).

This loss of taste is called 'nucchu'. Several raw fruits give the tongue this state - raw guava, unripened banana, etc. It's considered a special state for the tongue though I don't know much else about it.

There's some oppressed breathing on the first two days but nothing as bad as the last time. The aggravation is milder this round for me. It's been two solar cycles so it really does take a long time for adults to assimilate the energy of this remedy. Icy has some breathing difficulty too on day 3. But it lasted only a few minutes.

Kenchu had inflamed skin over his trigeminal nerve & jaw. I've just put some petroleum jelly and calendula Q on it.

There's another peculiar thing I've noticed with Uran that I thought I should put down. The skin around the nails grow hard and flake, and the nails themselves grow rough and slough off dark waste around the sides. A remedy must be powerful indeed to affect nails to the point of cleansing.

I don't plan to do several doses this time to cover all the dogs I've missed. I'm too afraid to repeat last time's schedule. Now I'm just giving them plant remedies for elimination.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trying uran again

The animals are drawing Uran again. I've given it to them and me today at 30x. Fingers crossed that there are no deeply diabetic older dogs that will have an aggravation.

I checked my notes and I'd given Uran 4 times around this solar period before the dose at the middle if the next period  that pulled out an aggravation in bakery black. The rest of us too, just not so bad - we peeled and then healed. Bakery black might have too, but the severity was much worse and led to all the complications that surround his death.

Only in 2 of the 5 dogs with cataract, the lens clearing has remained. It's two solar cycles away, so not bad. Amazing actually. So cataract is like hardpad, just soft mucosal tissue losing its function. I'm pushing on despite my fear for Icy and other older dogs with this one dose because of cataract. If only they can see again, walk without crippling pain in their paws again! Hear without otitis again, breathe without emphysema again! My dearest wish.

In kittens and pregnant females it brought the best results.

Most of the kittens seem to have used the Uran to heal their gut/nose/face/respiratory mucosa (hard pads disappeared). Rani still had an  inflamed swollen abdomen after, but it hasn't risen above to hepatize the lungs. Must gave an effect on the lining of the liver too.

Pregnant & lactating females esp Gundamma's mom, and iyowmeow, seem more mature. GM has had 4 kittens, all surviving, breast fed and growing fast (one climbed walls for a time but prana to mom and kittens seemed to heal it). IM's also got 2 surviving kits this time. That's amazing for her. She's lost so many sets entirely since they're born in the wild and she gets pregnant so very often off season. That they've survived too for so long makes me cautiously deliriously happy.:)

The middle ages (1-7) is hard to tell. Like me, some seem to have jaw and gum pain, numbness in the extremities, some crackling in the ears, scalp sensitivity, heaviness in the solar plexus. Oh, and the strange illness aggravation.

Fingers (and toes) crossed in this one hoping everything  heals smoothly for all!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Oct for aging and dying

All the weeds are burnt to a crisp this last month of solar excess. There's some comfort in knowing deep down that the sun has been awful on living things, beyond my healing skills.

If they didn't die by the middle of November, they ought to be in recovery now. Shaky but alive. There was little I or any vet could do to save bakery black, but park tiger maybe, though even that the guides say was difficult. Tough times. And now the incredible surface drying chill of winter nights is here.

There's no medical system to counter the sun at the extremes of the solar cycle.

Ahimsa to plants

Since I can't bear to eat my fungus infested food I've been doing very well eating out.

But I do get the point: except for pinching off tips of plants, new growth, everything else hurts the plant.  This method actually spurs thicker herb growth while leaving the larger lower older leaves to protect the stem from the harsh heat & light. I'm embarrassed that I didn't understand this before. I'm a bad gardener and no wonder. I just didn't get plants at all.

Being vegan, there's some relief in knowing the right way to be ahimsa with plants. There's always been enormous guilt at explaining away hurting them. I looked around and was so pleased to see the plants I'd pinched off before spreading.

The thing though is that I don't know how to cook it in a self-sustaining way. I'm still eating other stuff three meals a day. A long way to go, lol.

Ahimsa to plants

Since I can't bear to eat my fungus infested food I've been doing very well eating out.

But I do get the point: except for pinching off tips of plants, new growth, everything else hurts the plant.  This method actually spurs thicker herb growth while leaving the larger lower older leaves to protect the stem from the harsh heat & light. I'm embarrassed that I didn't understand this before. I'm a bad gardener and no wonder. I just didn't get plants at all.

Being vegan, there's some relief in knowing the right way to be ahimsa with plants. There's always been enormous guilt at explaining away hurting them. I looked around and was so pleased to see the plants I'd pinched off before spreading.

The thing though is that I don't know how to cook it in a self-sustaining way. I'm still eating other stuff three meals a day. A long way to go, lol.

One weed survives

The land is burnt from last month's huge solar changes and almost all weeds are dead burnt to a crisp. Except for this little weed, dunno it's name but the guides pointed it out as high in energy, which is regenerating fast and has adapted!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Can't keep up

My guides are on a tear to get this diabetes thing out. At least, the learning's coming in thick and fast. Diabetics (and cancer) must have really suffered this last month, breaking down.

Two rats. One died already the other fast moving one is bad but won't stand still long enough for me to heal.
One kitten was climbing walls in pain for two days. Its momma wouldn't let me near it for long so I healed her a little. Hopefully it reaches the kitten.

I'll put down stuff as much as I can. Mostly I lose the thread of thought and I go 'more later'.

Update on the mold

My blog readers (not the bots or the Uran underworld giving me flattering site hits even now;) are probably thinking my strange illness was from my mold experiments, esp because I didn't mention it. But they'd be wrong.

I'm ashamed to say my gag reflex had killed those a month ago. Around the Uran experiments time I could no longer stomach, see and encourage fungus on food.

It all began with Uran, plucking and the sun. The first dose brought up the gag after almost a year. The solar wind stream made fungus grow so enthusiastically that I've chucked the plucked repeatedly. I've counted 5 different coloured fungi bloom at least. *shudders* The plucked tips of a growing plant is probably nutritionally very dense too. Within two days I couldn't see the food through the forest of fungi. No way I'm in any shape to eat that! Anyone with an overly developed gag reflex knows its not just a puke - we keep on puking until the lining of our intestines have reversed peristalsis.

The guides have shrugged it off and I'll now write about a new way.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Uranium: Diabetes as a teething disease

Even adult diabetes. I think both are the same, one evolving from the partial cure of the other.

I've noticed that the preteeth stage of infancy is the most dangerous to life. Maybe the bone matter (wazzitcalled? osteoblasts but I mean ...  stem cells!) which forms blood, etc (1) doesn't know the right way to do it.

Hypertension too is related. Again, blood making seems to be at the root. Cholesterol too maybe but I've never got the hype right. All three are confusing as hell. But it's all  teething related.

I'm really sorry that I hadn't figured this out before bakery black died. The third day when I had severe jaw pain and blogged it, was when I should have connected it to hypertension/high bp but didn't. Because I'm not inclined towards understanding the allopathic take on it, I've been so blind.

It's one and a half solar cycles (36 days) and I'm still woozy on my feet and inclined to fainting. Twice yesterday I almost blacked out in the hot sun. I've not had a day since my strange illness without prolonged dizzy, vertigo-producing spells when my head is light. Not sudden lightheadedness from a drop in sugar but a constant float.

Yet my breathing is better than ever before in my life. My gums are stronger and have very healthy blood flow, again like never before.

My thinking is more complex than fuddled as I follow a line of thought further - like never before. Some lines of thought used to make me either irritated, anxious, feel superior or low and always alter the emotional weight attached so that my solar plexus would perceive a threat or assert itself into predator-prey mode. Never happened before that it skipped that step.

Even in kindergarten  school I remember the excitement and fearful trepidation and stress with which I approached a simple colouring book or a chart. Math & physics, though I maxed most papers in most  subject, wrung me dry. I loved and hated them. The better I did, the more it took willpower to graduate to the next new challenge. I has the demon of perfectionism riding me hard. From the cradle! I'm sure it's not unique. I see it in kittens and it later becomes fullblown anxiety and fear of humans. Feral is deep in the bones.

There was always an excess of  competitive, driving, nervous energy generated by the solar plexus that I was both proud of and ashamed in turn. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't bear not to test myself over and over to emotional exhaustion.

I really get the stomachaches of ttetym. She's a young me. It hurts to even see her posts. That's a diabeteswoman walking. So many of them, all of them. It's in the precocious developers and overachievers with the headaches, the 'worm' fevers and clenched jaws. The bones of the head.

All of us too. Fuzzy thinking and fogging is protective of the solar plexus. It's the mind's version of a pacifying smile to defuse a situation. There's tension behind it, but you blunt the sharpness of thought to escape the consequent drain on the solar plexus that would come with following it.




It's past 2 am. My 16+ year old Icy is back to barking-snapping wars with his favourite fangless foe, Kenchu. He's fully recovered and appears slightly stronger. Both want my sympathy after their really heroic masculine performances (icy fell back on his butt on the bed, k tripped himself on the blanket).

I have none to give. My only thing against males of any species is that they're black holes of sympathy. Not the worst things to have around for a bleeding heart, a wellspring of joy, etc. (sponge up the excess) but it's the bloody  timing of it.

They're programmed to the last by kp5 spikes tonight. And the rising solar-driven (or cosmic muon?) wind.

Friday, November 18, 2016

My strange illness (contd)

In the weird delirium that occasionally accompanies stomach/abdominal fever, I had a weird vision.

Docs always associate delirium with the brain because for them the mind is the brain, but most madness is of the lower chakras, esp inflammation-driven, gut activated, unassimilated frenzies; 70% of our mind is in the gut.

Time seemed to telescope in like I was looking back at my life from the end of it. And all I could see was a hungry dog waiting and that made me sad -  for me. That shouldn't only be how I remember this interesting lifetime.

I wished then that I'd not focussed so much, given up on things, konmari'd everything else so much,  preserved the diversity of friend and family more, of party and play, a little  travel and trek. I did outgrow them all, but just sayin'.:)

We really lose sight of balance until we see our memories in perspective, especially the last view of it from the gut.

Though I'm as likely to think of memory as preserved in the brain like any science person, more and more I see the division of all those functions across the body. Maybe loss of gut microbes and their diversity does affect memory. Maybe *the feelings* associated with memory? That's the part that seems to get faked. I see a lot of older people retell stories of their lives very differently, with effortless spin that the young need to lie to imitate.:)

People change with thyroid issues, diabetes, cancer and tuberculosis, long before those are diagnosed. The change may begin with shocks, trauma, change of food, weather, place (culture shock) and the sun.

I change just before and after an abdominal illness. Just before, I'm so tired of the routine and just going through the motions. After my illness I bounce with energy and ideas, it's like joie de vivre flows in abundance. The same routine seems so satisfyingly full and joyful.

That can't be unique to me, it must be restorative to mental health to purge and cleanse. (If the doctors will let you!:) It must give you time to assimilate memories and emotions, that you've expended time on, into the gut that give you a sense of self, a feeling of worth and a reassessment of value of what you do. Really reach the root chakra.

Maybe that's what fevers are for. Some kind of hightened awareness and not the usual drivel about infection. It's a time to be aware of all the places you've stored bad memories, which comes up in our dreams & delirium, and clean out.

Maybe we should even listen to the delirium and hear its message, loosen up or tighten up accordingly. It's as close to madness as we can safely get, and there's genius in it.

The high hits

Could have been the ddos attacks rather than the word uranium? Just glad it's back to dependable numbers.

Poor crows

When I see the wierd tumours on the crows, it's heartbreaking. This morning one with a huge growth on the pad of it's claw. Yesterday with an overgrown upper beak hooking so far down, it could barely pick up food.

Three years ago the crow with a tumour inside its jaw which wouldn't let it close it's mouth. Just starved despite liquid food and all attempts to correct it with homeopathy. (If you're thinking surgery I couldn't find a bird vet and dog/cat vets have killed plenty of birds with anaesthesia. And the trauma of catching, caging, transporting, surgical errors vs a peaceful death with it's flock, etc.)

Three years ago all the crows disappeared for 6 months or more. I have it on this blog. Many of these tumour bearing ones at that time too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The diabetics I know (and their minds)

I know two diabetics well. A, one of those extraordinary intelligences that makes you proud to know such a mind. And K, a good heart all twisted up and tangled with solar plexus issues.

Both are on insulin. Heavily. A. eats what he likes and shoots up the required antidote quantity and now has vast knowledge of vitamins and minerals that he downs like food. K eats her traditional diet and does any and all natural remedy cures that she can find.

Both are losing their memory and their capacity for clear thinking. A. can lose track of a conversation these days and head off on a random tangent and K simply can't focus.

Both are overly emotional too. A. gets worked up and K periodically gets depressed and high in turns.

But diabetes is so complex that there's nothing easy one can suggest. They're very cynical of cure anyway so everything goes in one ear and out the other. Can't blame them.

A. I introduced to magnesium oil therapy and he's always been grateful since. K breezed past the magnesium and is now officially a yawn student.

(Yes, one more taught that! I could start a school at this rate.;)

So the main loss seems to be memory, gut memory most likely.

There are two diabetic shopkeepers can't calculate a cig pack-1 cig. Even with a calculator. Diabetes is pathetic and very compromising.

They scavenge energy from around them. When I'm around A., he can talk till I fall asleep on him, and still be talking when I wake up. With K I get dizzy and drained as she jumps from topic to topic in great busyness. A. won't let me look away, K won't catch my eye.

The problem is, that they've been like this from childhood. It's what we call 'personality' - the emotions, the thoughts, the physical are enmeshed and steel-plated by the time the islets quit for the last time and  insulin production drops. How do you tell an emotional 'personality' that THAT is the part of the disease that took 40 years to finally hit the endocrine system? It was there in their reaction to shocks, always in their outbursts, their suspicions and sadness. Adult diabetes is PTSD at it's core.

K's teeth have gone yellow from candida. Arun has neuritis. My friend, J, won't get herself tested but I know she's developing diabetes from how she drains me. There are days I can't have a conversation with her without her pointing to squirrels and trees and sky, completely unable to focus. It's sad because she has such a fine mind. Now she can't meditate more than 5 mins.

When I talked to her about PTSD and her need to test, she brought up an interesting point about the adrenals being affected, the fight/flight/fright response. Just as chronic stress in their lives lets up, the body switches on the diabetes. The adrenals are connected to the survival instincts of the root chakra, so it makes sense that it lets go of old energy upward to the next two chakras when it can't push it out.

Maybe that's where Uran nit comes in. But the purge is too frightening to suggest the remedy to any diabetic.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Xray. Finally bought it! The 6x is drawn strongly. Sometimes I waste so much money trying to pin down potency. Scilla has evaded me for years until I cashed up and bought the 10m,  50m and cm and now it works beautifully for geo mag storms.

More characteristics of uranium nit

Many of these may sound depressing. (oh damn, I just found out how to link URLs on blogaway ... as usual serendipitously.:)

The thing with energy work is that life does feed on life, so our healing can go either way. There's no defeating death except by cheating life and the consequences alter us forever. We are no longer who we were before we took that step. And that's alright with allopathic users and their families who bear the brunt of the emotional, mental and physical changes of both disease and medicine. To each their own poison, yes?

The importance of Bechamp

Uranium nit is amazing because it corrects the life force in the direction of health in diabetes 1 & 2.

The changes of that disease begin in eye tissue. Maybe light, sunlight specifically, is the first trigger for good digestive health? Sun eaters certainly think so.:) if eye tissue and it's surrounding nerves and blood don't form properly, sugar isn't digested and diabetes results?

Uranium brought out a pus like secretion from my eyes a few days ago. I remember years when I was photosensitive and would wear shades (they looked so cool too!:) and my guides made me give them up. They didn't care that I suffered and teared up and had dust allergies riding. It was sunlight they didn't want me to avoid.

Maybe if you avoid natural light for years you get adult diabetes. And vice versa: diabetics can't digest sunlight.

I meant to write about Icy whose eye tissues are still red and inflamed. He couldn't even digest water when he was sick!

The nerves of his entire body was inflamed as it is during solar events for everyone. The geomagnetic storm is just the reverse of it to restore balance.

But it can kill if we rush the process with high potency, stress (shocks, accidents) and in older animals. Bakery black melted skin down, and it could only be the uranium.:(

Icy, bless the tough nut, is slowly recovering after nearly 24 days. So a full solar cycle for older dogs and very low potency for the depth of healing to be safe? I'm still confused about potencies ... I'm in a fever of uncertainty about using uranium again too.

Stannum storms

Scilla and Stannum are related too. They're pre magnetic storm remedies at the solar plexus (front).

My ignorance about plants

I'm so backlogged on one line unfinished posts! I'm just going to dump them today and finish them in my more later way.:)

So a small development, the guides still seem to want me to starve to death.

I find they don't like HOW I do anything with plants. Plucking greens is their new detailing.  I'm supposed to just pick the tip not chop the stem like I've  doing. I've done this pinching off (as per guides the best way to eat) 3 times now and the plants at least look very happy that I'm not mutilating them!

But it takes a lot of time to get enough to eat, and I'm not sure how to go with vines, and once I take enough to cook I've been making soups and fried greens which don't taste like anything decent (complex, rich Indian food has spoilt me:).

I'm hungry all the time again.

Old healed cases

6 years ago when I was still new to single-remedy classical homeopathy, I started this blog after two almost miraculous cures:
1. Hekla lava 200 for a twisted and broken white slum dog, that I saw shining and healthy a month later;
2. the other, Carcinosin 10m for a sick, wormy black dog (with white collar neck) that in a week was brimming with health
I started blogging to record all such cases (At that time I didn't realise how rare it would be for me to make such good choices:).

A month ago, I saw Twisty still alive, still shining, proud father of a 3-gen family.

Yesterday to my astonishment I saw my black cancer dog still alive though not so thriving!

Both of them have survived generations of healthier dogs in their areas. A real reminder of the power of good repertory and single doses in extending the life span of animals.

I've since gone all over the place with repeated doses, mixtures, seasonal, moon cycle and now sun cycle with some small success in healing entire groups but nothing spectacular like those single cures.

I no longer cover those areas, (the back-slum dogs, railway line and bmp office area dogs) since my energy has waned as results got more mixed around the end of 2014.

I esp couldn't go there again after the death of oldie from gangrene and the three puppies wet for days in the gutter. Busy road, mother was there whining, nowhere to put them that wasn't also wet & windy or full of hostile humans; I left them finally to die of hypothermia right where they were.... Broke my heart and it's  haunted me since. I'm still not sure what I could have done better except taken them to a different place and left a distraught mother frantic. But weeks of rain with no shelter for nursing puppies a week old is still beyond my capacity to solve, I'm ashamed to say. I still meet her now and then with her surviving puppies from better weather births.

My group healing attempts have always been set back by weather, and the last two years have been nothing less than traumatic for animals, especially births. With a better understanding of what I can give for solar excesses, I might have more heart to go there.

If my solar cycle healing works out, I should start doing those old routes again. But there are 30-40 dogs there. Some on my regular route  will go hungry if I do it. Maybe once or twice a month? Got yo fit them in again somehow.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Health solar wind, CME, impact

The impact day (for eg. tomorrow, 9 Nov) doesn't seem to be the problem. The day the CME left the sun is the day Icy began puking.

I've noticed this is common for both CME and solar wind - the affect on animal health is instantaneous and simultaneous with the activity ON the sun.

How is this even possible? Maybe the light rays which reach us in 8 mins change us in some way? The geomagnetic storm that follows in 3 days isn't a cause of health disturbance, the sun is.

solar wind: 4 missing presumed dead

Other than bakery black and park tiger who died within 3 days of Diwali, bus stand brown and yellow pataki park guy are also gone. Probably dead. These jury gave died cruising major roads to escape the fireworks. Worst festival in the year for me.

But it gets worse for old dogs. Icy has puked all of yesterday and today he looks wobbly when we're expecting a cme to hit. His aura is thick 8 feet from the body and already my heart is heavy with grief. Will he survive this solar cycle? The skin around his eyes is reddened and he's not able to keep water down (which he's drinking in large quantities).

I'm afraid that there's very little I'm able to do to prevent both -  these radiation effects and the accumulated stale energy because Homeopathy, Reiki and Prana any closer than 8 feet makes him itchy and irritable.

My guides point to Ammonia Carb 1m that cleared about 4" of gluk in the aura. The stuck energy might be nitrogen in the blood and brain? For the puking they point to water. Lol. The only thing I could think of was changing the water - I has put a few tabs if nat mur 12 Biochem in it. Maybe that worsened the problem?

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Losing touch

I've almost completely lost touch with the guides. Except to give me a picture of why park tiger died and to say no to virtually all bright ideas of how the niruri mold can be used, they're silent.

Either time of the year, I'm doing something wrong or s wait (or Stramonium;).

Friday, November 4, 2016

Stramonium and Scilla storms

Scilla might be a CME based geomagnetic storm remedy and Stramonium for solar winds.

Bismuth sub nitricum

Aggravation: Shooting pain in the underside tendons of my left knee.

Solar wind remedies?

The two remedies bakery black drew were Arnica 1m and Stramonium I think.

Guides are right again

Sadly, today I understood what the guides meant by saying I could heal bakery black but I won't.

Twice today I had dogs I could have healed a bit but I didn't. I couldn't find either but I know they're both sick. But on my way there I was thinking that I'll just feed them and run. I caught myself at it.

The problem is that I'm shy and I gather crowds when I sit with a street dog. Everyone wants to know what I'm doing and then heal them or their pets until I just want to run away.

If only this can change ...

Guides are right again

Sadly, today I understood what the guides meant by saying I could heal bakery black but I won't.

Twice today I had dogs I could have healed a bit but I didn't. I couldn't find either but I know they're both sick. But on my way there I was thinking that I'll just feed them and run. I caught myself at it.

The problem is that I'm shy and I gather crowds when I sit with a street dog. Everyone wants to know what I'm doing and then heal them or their pets until I just want to run away.

If only this can change ...

Thursday, November 3, 2016


I'm thinking back to the experiments on yellow tree molds and wondering if somehow I'm creating a hive mind in my animals and me.

Tree molds act as one unit, even separated by distance. Is that what they want? The prana seems to do that too.

In my experiments with niruri and mold, pressure cooking got the nod a few days ago. This time I didn't drown it in the boiled water. I set the leaves, twigs and roots aside to rot like aerated compost.

I used the water  mixed with the previous mold for the animals who astonishingly love it. They live this niruri mess I make as much as my cooking, the weird creatures. (I wonder if it's humic acid acting as a digestive that they like?)

My rotting lime too I've put to good use by pouring brown rice ganji over it today. I didn't realise his bitter the brown of brown rice is. Going to have it tomorrow morning and see if it's cold.

This time I didn't add a single mineral salt. It's already a very nice lacy, white mold!

Autumnal equinox of the sun and Stramonium

Maybe the guides are right. I had to give the next remedy, not stress out on the previous.

Icy drew Stramonium the day before yesterday. I was surprised but he does gave a beseeching cry when he's itchy so I gave him a dose. He slept peacefully for hours.

Today he drew it in 30 so I gave it to him and took it myself - instant sun headache! Aching pain at the back of the neck and head.

I read up on it and apparently it's a remedy for after autumnal equinox!

Accidents, Adrenaline and Immunity

This huge metal barrier thingie fell on my head and now I think I'm slightly concussed. Not that it's so very noticeable, lol just a lemon sized hematoma, but leaning forward does make me dizzy.

This is probably why guides keep pushing people to work faster. Accidents are such inevitable phenomena. All psychics dread them because they're locked in time and virtually unavoidable.
I was worrying about dizziness, a slight lack of focus, headache and the egg-sized bump on my head because I had so many dependents, when the guides picked Pulsatilla 1m.

The area around the egg cooled in 5 mins. I couldn't sleep because my mind was roiling with the news that a dog I'd been called to see had died two days ago.(1)

Part of the roiling must have been the adrenaline dump. Pulsatilla cooled around the hematoma, then the right-sided headache traveled down to the left jaw. My right shoulder had been hurt too but that didn't change. From my jaw it went in the next hour to my neck then to my right hip joint finally it was in my lower back for hours and a headache from my neck to crown came back. About 2 hours later it was all gone.

All this from 5 minds of Reiki with Pulsatilla. Not even a mouth dose.

1. The guides said I'd made a mistake - it could have been saved by antibiotics, an ambulance and a vet.:(

I had thought it was a jaw drop paralysis found in distemper survivors. The snake poisons in water can reverse it so I left it a big mug of water with Lachesis in it and food.

The guides say it was parotitis, mumps, also common in survivors but fatal if blocks breathing. I made a huge wrong call.

I feel especially bad because Francis, the driver, searched all over for me to get me to call an ambulance and I didn't follow his very good instincts. He kept saying a bone was stuck in it's teeth and 'so it close it's mouth. I couldn't see the bone and drew the wrong conclusion. She died the next evening, Diwali night. RIP, tiger, I didn't do right by you.
Another big worry is that the garbage man said 3 dogs died right there (he said all of them, even tiger, were being killed by poison; I told him it was the season and the prolonged sun stream). Did he mean the same day though?? I was so upset I didn't ask.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Direction of cure in FIP

The first sign of healing with any homeopathic remedy for this disease is the eye tissue.

The kit develops wounds around the eye as the mucus membranes heal and the eyes stop being glued together.

I've tried healing it bottom up, but the kitten will die; people try to heal the abdomen first when it's the least important of the mucus membranes. After the eyes respond a bit (either pus or mucus will flow out of the eye ducts and the two halfway down the nose, then you can heal the abdomen with Merc cyan (any attempt to heal the 'intestinal form' will risk death if you don't see the disease as toxicity from head to toe).

Vera explained it as the mom storing the toxins she had in her system and absorbs during her pregnancy, into the fetus which is regarded as superfluous by the body.

This seems to be true. I've seen mom cats heal exponentially as they give birth repeatedly to sick kittens, as if birth itself is a blood cleansing method.

This might explain why mom cats like Stripes give birth so many times. They're not 'sex addicts' but it makes them feel better everytime they birth - that's nature's best method to heal a female body. Stripes was abandoned as a kitten by her mom because she was so sick with fip she couldn't stop her eyes from jiggling side to side.

A dose of Gelsemium 50m cured her enough of this nerve.problem that she could function and jump off the balcony she'd been stuck on, but I didn't connect it to blood poisoning. For years she remained the most bad tempered, evil cat around - both humans and animals ran from her unpredictable nature. Ignatia and then Dibs' nat mur cured her of the worst until she's only behaving badly once a week or so.



Yawning remains fascinating to me. The jaw-breaking, tear-springing variety is so very hard to get! It might be age that hardens the tissues (or my smokes:) of the abdomen, jaws, throat and perineum - all of which have to participate in the yawn for it to be right.

My friends and I think it's a great deal like another mind-muscular coordination effort.

It's like an orgasm - if you don't concentrate, relax and feel, it's impossible. One if my friends says it's better!:)

But while I haven't tasted the 'nectar'/DMT there's a sweet saliva that's unusual and rare. It's very healthy smelling/tasting, like nothing I've tasted before. Kittens can detect it from a distance for some reason on the breath!

But there's also another more interesting and unusual saliva from disused glands around the jaw that tastes very bad and stale! I've only tasted it twice and while it feels like saliva, it makes you wonder if this is the poison that we need to work out of glands in general if we want them to function into old age.

All this deep breathing is so new that I've got to wonder what it would be like if that's how we breath regularly. Would it really reactivate the pineal gland? what connects prana to the pineal ...

Figured more out - yawning and mold

I figured out something again! (it's this high solar wind stream messing with my brain. I'm tempted to say, high IQ etc but the guides might nix this post in cyberspace! I can say though that I'm resonating with answers!;)

I'm going to put all my insights and thoughts in this post for the rest of the month. For some reason blogger/blogaway won't let me edit after I post these days, so if that happens, no updates and no spell checks. New posts only.

Yawning is so difficult to deepen because we need to relax muscles we usually tighten and tighten muscles we usually relax. So, we need to feel no fear, anxiety or immediate threat to loosen our jaw, throat, lungs, diaphragm/solar plexus and tighten abdominal, perineum and lower back.

That's why it's so difficult. All opposite our survival instincts.

The mold insight is that lime, salt and water does last longer when fungus forms. I've let it rot four days and now drinking it. It's astonishingly cool.

Why people have been made to fear fungus so much is also astonishing. It seems to be our fundamental route to immunity. The animals love my food more, if that's possible (they already thought I was the world's greatest chef and now I'm closer to the divine!:)

My entire Oct batch of niruri I ruined by adding nutrients (mineral salts of potassium iodate, copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese). It actually rotted anaerobically and was smelly with hydrogen sulphide. Sad, but I still used it on the animals food and drank it up. But it had no chill effect.

I removed the solid twigs and undissolved roots and set it aside to figure out later. Today, 3 days later it smells great!

So airing was part of the problem, not just the added nutrients. The added nutrients aren't a problem if there's aerobic processing.

Additional mineral salts do niruri no particular good though. It's got all it needs to make fungal instead of bacterial rot. Keeping it wet is all it needs.

The good earthy smell in compost is what we're aiming for.

It feels cool because of the *tonsils* which love mold. Unless the tonsils are involved, our immune systems don't function.

I put it in my hair today and the fur of the dogs (after a baking soda dampening). It chills even skin and scalp. So maybe it activates more than just tonsils?

I hope it's hair-digesting properties don't mean I'll lose living hair to it (iod tea did enough of that!:).

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Finished my Potassium Iodate experiment

Yes, it's done for now. I did one month/30 days in Aug/Sept then two weeks off and did another two weeks now in October.

It is beyond me why they add it to salt - no wonder everyone in India is constantly hawking up phlegm and spitters abound!

It's hard on the respiratory mucus membranes and scalp! My scalp is still sensitive after stopping it yesterday! It doors something to the immune system for sure but homeopathic wasn't so evil in how it did it.

I also lost a while lot of hair. Dry and brittle stuff but seems to have made it more so.

I'll do it again with the dogs but just letting everyone know that it was not what I thought it would be.

The throat symptoms died away mostly with more use so that gives me hope that it's filling a deficiency.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Aggravations of Uran

* jaw/gum pain, moving outwards within the first week of the first dose (may be related to bp/heart?)
*enormous swelling of the upper jaw, septum, nose and gums around the decaying incisors of a dog (howl) rad brom offsets this
*red line of inflammation a few mm below the teeth in the gums
* plaque (a powdery rather than slimy morning mouth but no morning breath except one day) maybe mucor niruri offsets this.
* tibial ache and itch and all the leg bones(/nerves?) too (icy)
* otitis increases or decreases in dogs with the pre existing condition. Not sure which happens first. around 10 days after dose. (Could be related to bp too - blood beating inside ears?)
(from bakery black, if related):
* blood pressure decreases and increases with geomagnetic storms, so more susceptible to them during aggravation (could be the new moon as well influencing fluctuation - died 4 days before new moon)
* intense vertigo, intense swooping sensation, world dips away into darkness, sounds fade and return, anxiety accompanies; fainting feeling; standing up makes you fall.
* veins of the forepaws discharge blood at the tip (bp related)
*intense thirst with weakness like one can't get breath deep enough
*skin patches that bleed and quickly scab; fur falls away around it; like a thin mucus membrane, a gangrenous layer, with a central flat ulcer, shallow, arterial bleeding scabbing over; itching ears, scalp and chin (bp related?)
*the aura two feet away (mental/emotional? heart/solar plexus?) had the most activity. The swooping sensation was deep there, no prana in the layer (like Gunda, a fixed shield of rigid, accumulated energy fear and notions). It prickled with pins and needles sensations which I usually associate with bacterial activity and pain (so heart attack? heat stroke?).
* I could breathe prana into it, but every attempt to do it was like swimming against a strong tide. I'd get dizzy and have seconds blacking out. But it reduces that intense, fixed frequency and offsets through  fresh prana.
The guides first wanted me to heal at the hip joints on the first morning, then at the above and the back of the head in the evening, the next morning along the spine. Since I gather crowds, I get shy (and maybe didn't do all of it as people talk & ask questions continuously drawing away the energy the animal needs).
One thing though that I noticed about all these diabetic types is that they can't sweat correctly. Dogs don't hang their tongues out, people have hot flushes instead of sweat. There's true temperature regulation problems that don't let the body heal - carbon exchange is poor and heat.

It's just 15 days now but Uran can be like Psorinum with long lasting effects. I'm dreading it.

Aggravations of Uran

* jaw/gum pain, moving outwards within the first week of the first dose (may be related to bp/heart?)
*enormous swelling of the upper jaw, septum, nose and gums around the decaying incisors of a dog (howl) rad brom offsets this
*red line of inflammation a few mm below the teeth in the gums
* plaque (a powdery rather than slimy morning mouth but no morning breath except one day) maybe mucor niruri offsets this.
* tibial ache and itch and all the leg bones(/nerves?) too (icy)
* otitis increases or decreases in dogs with the pre existing condition. Not sure which happens first. around 10 days after dose. (Could be related to bp too - blood beating inside ears?)
(from bakery black, if related):
* blood pressure decreases and increases with geomagnetic storms, so more susceptible to them during aggravation (could be the new moon as well influencing fluctuation - died 4 days before new moon)
* intense vertigo, intense swooping sensation, world dips away into darkness, sounds fade and return, anxiety accompanies; fainting feeling; standing up makes you fall.
* veins of the forepaws discharge blood at the tip (bp related)
*intense thirst with weakness like one can't get breath deep enough
*skin patches that bleed and quickly scab; fur falls away around it; like a thin mucus membrane, a gangrenous layer, with a central flat ulcer, shallow, arterial bleeding scabbing over; itching ears, scalp and chin (bp related?)
*the aura two feet away (mental/emotional? heart/solar plexus?) had the most activity. The swooping sensation was deep there, no prana in the layer (like Gunda, a fixed shield of rigid, accumulated energy fear and notions). It prickled with pins and needles sensations which I usually associate with bacterial activity and pain (so heart attack? heat stroke?).
* I could breathe prana into it, but every attempt to do it was like swimming against a strong tide. I'd get dizzy and have seconds blacking out. But it reduces that intense, fixed frequency and offsets through  fresh prana.
The guides first wanted me to heal at the hip joints on the first morning, then at the above and the back of the head in the evening, the next morning along the spine. Since I gather crowds, I get shy (and maybe didn't do all of it as people talk & ask questions continuously drawing away the energy the animal needs).
One thing though that I noticed about all these diabetic types is that they can't sweat correctly. Dogs don't hang their tongues out, people have hot flushes instead of sweat. There's true temperature regulation problems that don't let the body heal - carbon exchange is poor and heat.

It's just 15 days now but Uran can be like Psorinum with long lasting effects. I'm dreading it.

Improvements from Uran

I'm going to call Uranium nitr 'Uran' from now to get the traffic off my blog (3800+/wk ydy! All this attn will make me shy and self-conscious).

The improvements I'm seeing which might be from Uran so far are:
*better gums - animals are chewing more raw
*tree climbing: gunda girl climbed a tree yesterday 35 feet and got off safely. Something she's never done before (either because of coordination or vertigo)
* cataract dropping to the lower half of one dog's lens (first it looked hard lower and growing fainter and soft on V-wall black dog - amazing; 1 other reverted softening didn't take hold, 3rd bakery black died)
* Better during geomagnetic storm (all except bakery black, rip) so may be weather proofing.
* Rani catching up in growth with Raja
*Sweetie who had enormous stolen lymph glands making her look pigeonchested, seems to have halved.
More later.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

I figured out Something! part two


1. Both forms of diabetes are related. Both are just teething, bone-forming, blood/marrow disorders.

That's why all species have it: from birds to animals to  humans.

2. If you had 'teething trouble' as an infant, either it grows malignant into the insipidus form or you'll have diabetes mellitus later.

3. I say marrow is involved but I mean something more like pre-formation of specialized tissue.

I've figured out ... Something! part one

Lol! A geomagnetic storm feels good on the brain. It's like an information highway or something with no speed limit.

I've been down in the dumps all afternoon over the dog's fate, struggling with my fear of using remedies and the problem of calculating the sunstorms to avoid a repeat (I'd given the remedy on the 14th, so his dip was exactly 12 days after - from solar monthly high (crown) to low (root)).

Basically beating myself up for nothing on everything. He was running around merrily the night before, so maybe he did get run over by the morning milk truck, and internal organs were damaged and internal bleeding was what killed him. I'll never know.

The guides are adamant that I didn't harm him. He gave me this very approving look 2 days before and he was very even-tempered. The kittens are improving and no other dog, not even 16 yr old Icy has had more than tibial/femural inflammation. So ... I should shut up about this mess.

That's one relieved figuring-out! But it's not true.:(he has no skid marks, dust, scrapes, no one actually saw it happen - they inferred it, etc. I know disease and that's what it was. *sigh* Maybe the truck bumped him, shock and cascade followed. That's better. But the guides are right, it's time to move on.
Next, the big one: my diabetic theory (if a scep reads this: go away! I *know* it's a hypotenuse!;)

My guides want this theory put on the net (they're afraid of my poor memory or that I'll die and they'll have to start over with another!) so I'm going to carefully write all I can recall of the idea. Over days if I must.

A remedy I'm afraid of

I'm fortunate that none if the other 200+ dogs, cats, birds and rats have had an aggravation of syndrome X from my first use of uranium  like the bakery black.

Most have just jaw, tooth, gum, nose, tibia/femur, brain and scalp effects - and mild ones at that.

He'd spent the last month snapping at cows legs, barking at strangers, chasing cars and troubling his girlfriend's enemies (other dogs). His bad temper should have told me he had high bp fluctuations during geomagnetic storms. Next time I'll avoid treating those dogs.

But Uranium again over 30x is going to take some courage. It's gone straight into my list of remedies I'm afraid of!

I'm not sure I can do it again.

The writing on the wall

I'm intellectually against rescue because of the poor results and distress. The old age home for dogs proved to me that they'll just pine away for home until they die.

But my guides are adamantly against it. They won't let me touch an animal to move it. Something to do with place or energies.(1)

I've asked the guides a dozen times if I could move the Parsi dog home because I loved her so but the answer was always "no, treat her here". I asked them 3 times if I could move the bakery black home to keep him safe, but they still said no. Really galls, but I get why. Transporting is a strain on the animal (it may gave killed bakery black), displacement is heart wrenching for them even temporarily. There's no way to get them to understand it's for their good. Even starving and dying where they are is preferable to them. Bakery black was unconscious on route and dead before they offloaded him into their shelter. It could have happened to anyone, even me with him onroute home.

I'm not really angry anymore with all of it. Syndrome X is a familiar, terminal cascade even in humans - I may not have saved him anyway.

It hurts to know that he ate meat from me at 6 am, walked on noodly legs with dizziness at 9 am, drank the milk I gave him at 9:30 am and they say he was too far gone to save at 10 am? It insults my intelligence.

His body was relieving his blood pressure by bursting veins in his toes naturally. That's what docs do for stokes in humans. There was a G3 storm predicted for the evening, and kp5 at that time ... but he was surviving it. I felt the degree of his intense, life-sucking vertigo twice at about 2 feet away, but I could prana breathe it away for him. Up close his energy was clear and healing well.

If only they'd left him alone! *sigh*

No more about this - my heart and left arm had hurt when I heard he was taken away last evening - I think that's my guides showing me he'd had a natural heart attack.

I'm not going to accuse anyone involved of anything but the best of intentions from this point on. He's always only known love - everyone on that street loved him - kids, moms, shopkeepers, bakeries, chai drinkers, hoboes. The end was swift and he never really left.

It was meant to be.

1. Maybe that's why they want me to bury even rats (which I haven't done so far *shudders* but I should). Even the street sweepers tell me to "mannumadi, amma"/bury them in the earth. But if they're small kittens or rats or birds, I put them in a shroud and give them to the garbage guys like a coward. Can't bear to handle the dead.

Must be all the death-worship that I did as an Egyptian - funerals and burials appear nostalgic nonsense to me with just a broken down body. (I need to get over this block).

Black bakery dog is dead

They said he was unconscious on the ride in the ambulance and died when they got him to CUPA and for this they couldn't release the information to me directly - I had to call the guy who called them for pick up. The rascals.

RIP, sweet guy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finally figured it out

I think saying "uranium" got me 3600+ hits this week.:) I'll bet some govt thinks I'm a supplier or some dark agent. (Go away, spy guys, I'm talking boring homeopathic uranium and dogs!)

I've finally figured out what might be the problem of healing:
* The lunar calendar is for plant and animal remedies. For healing problems with the removal of toxins, cleansing and nerve activation. Perhaps even the salts? So the Pingala stream and maybe Sushmana.

*The solar calendar for mineral and elemental remedies. These are for tissue building and metabolically stimulating. The Ida stream.
* These crisscross on the Sushmana. Ida and Pingala are harmonic on the Walter Russell chart (which has only one stream - the mineral 'octave' deliberately leaving the plant stream blank?)

It's already bloody painful to do so much thinking and now I have to find a way to make a LUNISOLAR calendar!

My life simply can't get more difficult - the guides are really relentless. Even Stramonium doesn't slow them down. I think I'll avoid and procrastinate for a few. Weeks.

I need to make them on transparencies I think so I can move them around...

Uranium: diabetics exercise caution + Bakery black

updated post

26Oct: Yesterday bakery black male they said had been run over by a milk truck. I told them his wounds looked diabetic (he's a fat, bad tempered scep dog, a favourite in that area), but they all insisted they saw the truck run over him (with their 'own eyes' - usually precedes a lie:). He was falling over (vertigo), trembling, breathing hard, with flat wounds over his whiskers. It was a G2 class solar storm day.

I gave him Arnica which he drew well just in case, but I've always told them that his love of bakery foods will precipitate this kind of thing.

This morning he's got new wounds - the joint between his torso and right leg has completely opened up, he's got a long vein from his ankle to foot exposed which is bleeding. Fresh wounds around his scalp and deep ulcer over his left eye.

Uranium is a powerful remedy for diabetics. Too powerful at 50m, and he just got a miniscule portion of a quarter dram in the food that I put for the dogs.

If you have diabetes mellitus (t2d) please don't mess with the high potencies! Use my experience and this male's with this remedy because it digs deep to cure. This is the problem with using unfamiliar new remedies - aggravations beyond imagination plague the first use.

His condition is similar to Rocky's so I'm hoping Lachesis will clear his blood. The disease has been pushed outwards so I've got much hope that he'll survive and recover (if no one calls a dog van and sends him on to an a-w allopathic vet and certain euthanasia).
As predicted he was picked up by an ngo, probably CARE, (it was murderous CUPA) with the euthanizing maniac, w.cdr.lingraj ex-CUPA. They aren't picking up my call.:(

They've told the people that they'll bring him back. I hope it's not the usual empty promise.

The dog is healing as fast as he's breaking down into diabetic gangrene. I know they'll give him the usual antibiotics and hopefully this aggravation will wear out before they kill him.

Since he's there, I hour they treat him for syndrome X: BP, diabetes and cholesterol. Vets can be experienced at NGOs since they do so many dogs a day (but usually it's just antibiotics:/).

I should talk to Sudha who may protect him from death.

The relief of having him under someone else's care is as great as my sorrow that they won't see the disease and be patient with it, allopathy is cruelly impatient with suffering. My heart physically  hurts.

My guides are quite indifferent as usual. They said I could heal him but I won't. I thought they meant I'd be lazy, not that he'd be taken away. For them there's no vacuum - if not this animal then another. They're like this about Parsi one-eye too. I can't let go, they can.

They didn't want me to check on him in the afternoon or take niruri, so they already knew he was gone. I'll wait to see what happens and if he'll be brought back. They say he will, and that he's in good hands. Sudha is very kind ... and allopathy has its strengths...

My guides thought Rad brom again to draw away the disease next. If and when he returns.:(
The buffoons we call vets killed him. They injected him with adrenaline, I'll bet. The guy who called them said it has an accident - they did all that was wrong. He might have had a heart attack from the drama.

They said he was unconscious on the ride in the ambulance and died when they got him to CUPA. and for this simple statement they couldn't release the information to me directly - I had to call the guy who called them for pick up. The rascals. They might have euthanized him as well. CUPA is famous for swift ending of dog lives in the name of veterinary mercy.

RIP, sweet guy.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Ah ha!

Slow coach science catches up after 3000 years of healing!:) "Humans can absorb and heal through simple energy transfer."

Uranium, Radium and now Bismuth

Uranium nit (which one should never give high) to avoid:
* gum soreness, aching bite (like teething all over again - could be solar like the teething tabs-FDA bull)
* swollen gums around incisors to the septum (upto nose basically)
* tooth nerve sensitivity
* numbness in the tip of the tongue
* bed sores, butt boils!;(
* very general: shooting pains in all the muscles, back, wrist, grip, etc.
* periosteal pain in the fingers
**CAUTION FOR OLD DIABETICS**: (2 post up - dunno how to link!:)

Uranium seems to be at the base in the series as predicted by Walter Russell. It's also best given during the start of the solar month (24/25 day cycle - this month 14th Oct) so that it's furthest away from the root chakra (for smaller aggravations, though it seems to aggravate around the head this way).

Much of this suffering is allayed by Radium brom, the next on Russell's periodic table, esp the mouth/jaw region.

If Uranium accumulates, Radium dissipates from my understanding. One is diamagnetic and the other paramagnetic.

But interestingly Bismuth sub nit, the next in his list, has gum swelling and pain! So I'm trying it out today - not sure if this will be better than Radium brom. Ask the animals still draw Radium. Got to check it out though.

Unfortunately the pharmas around here don't have plutonium nit.:(

But never mind. I've got all the rest. My guides tell me my remedy collection is going to outlive me - a terrifying prospect since I haven't made a will, and no one will want them.;)

I just need to figure out if this Russell  scale is a healing sequence or not. So far it looks great - spot on with the first three. The aggravations of one smoothed out by those coming after. Very exciting!

Just got to have the restraint to wait for Radium brom's aggravations (I don't have such patience actually - I'm doing Bismuth today). I'll do it better next time - this time my butt boil and Howl's gum swelling compels me to catch up with the chakras' needs.

The solar calendar is already at the solar plexus! I've missed the sacral chakra minerals of which Bismuth is just the first! This month's moving too fast for me to go slow.

My guests threw me off a bit and with winter starting, my body clock is slowing down. I'm sleeping upto 7-8 hours a day instead of my preferred 4-6 hours (ideally:) which can't happen in winter.

I'm going to try and catch up and then take it easy on the next solar cycle.

Update on births

Two street dogs and one cat gave birth last week. The ABC program relaxes a bit and nature reasserts her reproductive right, lol.

One dog is taken care of by a sweet rich lady, swarup, whose inefficiency is only equaled by her heart.:) I've told her a few dozen times and given her the numbers of 4 NGOs to so something so that her one girl, rexy?, now 10 puppies strong, won't be too much for the area. She assures me she's got it under control and gives them pretty collars.:) The Mekri girl and her young boyfriend have collars but no owner that I can see. They've just had pups, so no mum coming to eat for a week now.

The cat (gundagirl's mom) has a cupboard in her fav human's home. It's a regular nursery for virtually every mom cat. I hope she's evolved some sense and stays there - he's been babysitting kittens for over a decade and I'd consider him an expert feline rearerby now.:)

Goldie has given birth a month ago but I've never seen a surviving kitten. She has a chronic respiratory condition that I can shift but returns every CME. Can't figure it out.

Me-aw and her daughter have had kittens simultaneously 2 months ago as usual in the officers quarters behind. Again, I hear them mew at a distance for a few weeks and then they vanish - either they die or get kitnapped because they're do loud.

So much for the new arrivals. I hope more survive to adulthood in freedom this season.