Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Twitter takes over me

I have to confess that tweeting has overcome my urge to blog! It serves a similar purpose - I just want to remember what I do so that I can heal again in a similar situation. But twitter is faster, because I have to form less words!

The one downside is that you have a lot of interrupting anti-homeopathy comments, but even that isn't so bad since you needn't respond. I do since I'm a chatty person, but perhaps only for a while because I'm new to twitter and it is a novelty still.:)

The other downside is that I'm not recording enough impressions about the remedies which could help me later. Blogging and finding a thousand words has helped me put a whole range of impressions down. At a later point I've always been able to go back over these notes and come out with a new insight.

But for now, I think I'll tweet and then collect them to post here every month. Lets see how that goes.