Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bacillinum for Full Moon, Secale for New Moon

Last week, I was surprised to see the Cubbon Park dog draw Staphylococcin 10m (which was in the med box by mistake). I haven't given it to all that drew it, but it helped 3 of the younger dogs who have skin problems. But it didn't help Icy who's 13+, and has flaky skin but also bone ulcers and that got me thinking.

I tried Bacillinum, Carcinosin, Tuberculinum and Psorinum on Full Moon day (this being an historic Blood Moon might have enhanced my reiki sensitivities;). And sure enough, they're drawing Bacillinum 50m and Psorinum 10m (much less) but not any of the others.

I haven't tried Streptococcin, but they rarely draw it, except when they're dying and the body is overwhelmed by mixed bacilli and terminal pneumonia sets in (long before this I already don't know how to heal the cascading system collapse).

I thought this was interesting - if we have a time for Bacillinum, then so many of the disease stages can be controlled and hopefully cured. I had already noticed Secale worked in the New Moon and I've been giving it to the dogs on and off for about 3 moons.

I think they're sequential - when the body is weakened enough the bacilli overwhelm it, multiply in golden colonies which is food for the yeasts. Got to break this cycle of dying.