Monday, August 24, 2015

Park dogs not migrating!

The day before yesterday I saw the Indira Gandhi Park dogs, 8 of them!, going away down a road 1 km away from their territory. I was terrified that they were migrating, which would mean they enter hostile residential areas around, indicate that the weather would get rougher and/or the earth tremors might worsen. I was worried for them too, because 3 of them had a lame leg each and were poorly.

After a 48 hours they've returned, thank goodness. They won't find food anywhere in that direction - it's a zero garbage area - and I won't be able to feed them either. They're in the best possible area for such a large pack - 2 morning walkers give them biscuits, there are 2 street food vendors who do spanking business around the corner. If they just wait out this unusually rainy season, they'll be able to keep the territory for many years to come.