Thursday, August 20, 2015

I'm failing in the feeding

I'm growing really confused about what I do.

Dogs don't eat rice during the monsoon rains, cyclones and storms - probably because it putrifies in the stomach or the wrong bacteria and fungi enjoy it more. Either way the amount of rice I need to cook has been diminishing dramatically over the last few months of endless rains and storms.

Just giving meat means that I barely feed 20-50 dogs. Since the meds are in the meat, I try to cover as wide a territory as possible. This means that each dog just gets 2-3 pieces of meat ... which obviously isn't enough to fill it, so they follow me around like crazy. I can't give them more if I want to get the meds to more dogs.

This last week has been a "what the hell am I doing?" time. I go out and give them less than they need and come away feeling unsatisfied. If I give a few dogs more, then I'm neglecting so many that the homeopathy could heal.

I haven't had this problem before because I've been so sick through every monsoon of my life that I've barely been able to go out and feed dogs. My body used to be exhausted all the time. This time I'm healthy enough to encounter this problem, so that's at least heartening.:)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Eyelid swelling

M3, Aug, clear sky, monsoon (I've decided to do this so that the next set of notes I need to compile will have the mooncycle embedded)

Two days ago I noticed a huge swelling in the left under eyelid of Sweetie. In two hours it had grown to cover the eye and it's still as it was without reducing. She's drawing Acon cm, 10m, Teucr 30, Tellurium 12 ... a bit of Arn cm and Bell 30. No change and I don't know what to call it - tarsal tumor, eyelid swelling, bleeding orbital growth, or polyp so it's really hard to search for remedies in the homeopathic literature.


Pulling out the essentials wasn't as hard as I thought for this whole blog, it took a month, but it's done. The hard part is putting it together in a meaningful way! I originally meant to post it raw, the way I've rough edited it down, but over a period of time I've grown to want it in some order.

This putting it in order is an ordeal! I'll do the best I can until September and then give up I think and dump it as-is in the Essentials blog.:)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just started a Twitter acct ... again!

I really don't follow how people find Twitter interesting. That being said, I've had the same suspicious start to both Blogger and Facebook way back when and later loved being on, Blogger especially, so much! (I quit facebook when I got addicted to playing farmville ... it really took up all my time and I didn't do anything else!)

Not sure what I'll be tweeting or if it will appeal to me this time around, but it's there and I'm @HomeoReikiDogs if you're into it too.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Chakras and the Full Moon Caduceus Cycle

I got so turned around in my head putting this together, that I set it aside for a while. I'm still not sure I've got the whole thing right - but I'll put the idea out there so that someone with firing brain synapses can mull it over.

This is the rising energy cycle:

Energy enters as white light and then each chakra absorbs it in different frequencies - red for the root, orange for the sacral chakra, etc.

On the front chakras, the energy is drawn in, while at the back chakras, energy is pushed out in those colour frequencies.

The rising energy of a Full Moon cycle and the New Moon cycle are both RISING in this model.

In an alternate model, the energy is rising up during the Full Moon cycle and falling down in the New Moon cycle.

I can only hope with observation, I'll figure out which is the correct model.

Another new direction in thinking is that ALTERNATE chakras get energized and cleared out by one of the two cycles and the other cycle cleanses and energizes different chakras.

The other possibility is that all the chakras get energized and cleansed at the same time. Again, we have to wait for observation to show us which is truer.

In the jpg, the 'back energy' would be the Full Moon Cycle, and the 'front energy' the New Moon Cycle. More later.