Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gangrene: Ergot and other remedies

I am an egocentric fool. Really. My guides had been showing me Ergot and Secale for about 3 years now as a remedy for all these animals, and I just kept avoiding it. From my reading of it, it has a powerful action on the uterus and because a cat is invariably pregnant and I was afraid she would abort. (I never thought I could just give it to the dogs in the rice which the cats don't touch, duh.)

Apparently, to the eclectics, it is a remedy for diabetic gangrene. My mysterious 'darkening disease' is probably the dreaded gangrene, superficial across the skin and deeper in the lower spine and lower half of the body - the thing killing so many dogs.:(

My guides have repeatedly shown me Ammonia Mur as well, but since through my reading it was for respiratory diseases, I completely missed its role in gangrene, especially superficial gangrene that skates across the skin.

Nitric acid too, I could have used it a thousand times by now if I would have just seen the gangrene forming and not avoided the thought. The dizziness at weather change, why didn't I just see it for what it was - a worsening of the septic condition of the blood??

Today I was looking through Henrietta's natural healing blog doing a search for gangrene for the old brown dog who's tail is just crumbling off, and now has a deep gangrenous leg ulcer. He drew Nitric acid 12 and 1m which I was carrying, and when I read it, the gangrene connection was unavoidable. Actually, it stared me in the face this morning when I fed him.

I doubt if he'll survive, seeing as I'm starting so late in the disease. Why am I so slow to understand homeopathy and healing??! It's as bad as me and trading - I seem to repeat the mistakes I make over and over again with a few variations. Maya's also doing badly, I heard from Charlotte.:/

It was the brief cyclone over the last 3 days near Pakistan's coast that seems to have precipitated the next level of disease.

These are the remedies I should focus on for the coming New Moon, to try and save dogs:
  • Secale cornatum, Ergot - muscular weakness is followed by gangrene of the limbs or superficial parts, which become blackened, shriveled and hard—a dry gangrene, generally ending fatally.
  • Echinacea - superficial gangene that converts to peritonitis; gangrene from unattended injuries; blood poisoning, septic conditions. More to read here about the chronic form which is similar to how my dogs waste away. Maybe eating garbage makes them victims of chronic ergotism or a similar toxic build-up? Here's the link to the homeopathic ref on the same site.
  • Beech - arrests tendency to gangrene
  • Baptisia - retards gangrenous tendency
  • Ammonia Chloride -use with Phytolacca for same glandular conditions; senile gangrene, for circulation; colitis.
  • Salix nigra, Abies can., Terebinth,
  • Nitric acid - on gangrenous wounds;

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Vitamin B2 or DHA to the mitochondria

I've been very unkind to most nutrients by saying they haven't done much - I've seen Magnesium being great for my animals, Zinc too has been awesome and Iodine is also very definitely helpful. Manganese, turpentine, castor oil and activated charcoal and kaolin are more subtle but they've been good too. Copper is one that I can't make out, and Flaxseed oil is too subtle as well. Silver nitrate and nanosilver are both good but I am too afraid to use it often.

So nutrients have definitely done their bit in improving their diet and preventing the development of disease. But not curing them. This is where I understand why it isn't an integral part of medicine - once a disease begins, just balanced nutrition doesn't seem to do much.

But when I was reading about nutrients, I read somewhere that instead of using dangerous levels of minerals (can't recall the mineral mentioned), a great deal can be done with using Vitamin B.

My trials with it were not very clear, so I put it aside (also because of the debate about Vit B use for animals). Just yesterday I read about Vitamin B2 or DHA (Dihydroascorbic acid) and an easy way to make it. This is more easily absorbed directly into the mitochondria by the glucose receptors, and improve immunity more directly - it may even have protective effects on the brain. This is the combination I'm looking for - mito, immunity and brain-spine-nerve remedies.

Here's how to make it from earthclinic:
"First add 1/4 tspn of ascorbic acid(1 gram) to the water. Then add 6 drops of Lugol's Iodine. You will notice that the iodine in the water turns from brown to clear and that's because the ascorbic acid is oxidized and converted to DHA while the molecular iodine is reduced to clear iodide. The last thing you add is the baking soda -- add this until the fizzing stops. Now you have an oral solution of sodium ascorbate + iodide + DHA in ascorbate form. Cheaper, convenient and effective."

I've given this to my dogs 3 times and it does seem to be reducing their itching at night - which is amazing. I'll add to this post when I have more about it. I'm giving it to the dog near Shivananda circle petrol bunk (but Maya was taken to Charlotte's house yesterday, so I can no longer treat him except with distant reiki).