Friday, May 8, 2015

So far and what's next

So far ...
This journey from Homeopathy and Reiki to Nutrients has been a crazy one - one that I would never have seen coming. If not for Magnesium Chloride and the rage in the west for it, and the months that I had puzzled over Peppy's deep drawing of Mag mur, and my accidental foray into Mitochondria and the nutrients they need - I might never have taken this journey.

I'm close to the end of it. I've premixed the nutrients. I could add a few others - sea kelp (natural iodine), brewer's yeast (natural B complex)/probiotics, alfafa powder (natural chlorophyll), choline (well, eggs might do it), fish oil (natural omega-3), etc. to make it more potent, but I've put the main ones in.

I'd like to use the DMSO as well, and a few others I've bought, but no rush. I'm almost there.:)

What's next:
Now that I'm sure I'll not be messing up with the main nutrients, I can go back to figuring out the homeopathic remedies they need. So far I've been finishing off a lot of the tinctures I've bought over 5 years, the remedies that are down to a few drops, and those I rarely use, etc. to clear my shelves for those that I'm sure about. I've been adding them almost 8-9 at a time to the food, depending on how much is drawn in general that particular day.

So far I've come to believe that homeopathy probably does the same work as these nutrients, but in a more exact and subtle way, with fewer side effects.

Still, I know that mag mur didn't cure Peppy, so some of these macronutrients need to be given in large enough quantities early enough to prevent death. The quantities they require are so large, the deficiency so deep and the body struggling so much, that homeopathy can be too little too late at that point. At least, the way I've been using it - maybe there's a better way.

But I think in the plant remedies and the detox remedies might play a key role in how healing can proceed at times when the body is not absorbing nutrients, but trying to dispose of waste material. That's got to be key - half the moon cycle is eliminative, and a period when the body needs to rid itself of toxic substances.

Remedies like Terebinth, which the dogs draw desperately, can be given during the cycle and turpentine oil can be used with castor oil as well to help throw off waste. Iodine too should do a great deal to help in elimination, as would soda bicarbonate. 'Chelating' waste and toxins can be done with activated charcoal as well - I just have to figure out how. Silver nitrate or Arg nit, another remedy they love - have to figure out when it will work best and if the homeopathic or material doses will do the best job. Tellurium is another remedy that seems to work as a trace element.

In 3 days I will have to try and do this, since the elimination cycle begins. Prevent gangrene, waste disposal, gut cleansing, kidney cleanse.

More when I know what works!

Experience with nutrient mix

I inadvertently deleted my post about how I tried the nutrients and fiber in the last week.

In short, I put it in with instant noodles, put too much so it was both a little yucky and gave me dizziness and diarrhoea, flatulence and hot flushes for 6 hours.But on the upside, I was full with a half a packet until almost 24 hours later! I must have severely lacked a few of those ingredients (most likely calcium, because I'm a very careless vegan and don't supplement).

By the second try, the remaining doubly yucky noodles (since it was almost powdery after 24 hours!:) actually only caused a feeling of fullness and mild loose stools. The loose stools could be from using magnesium sulphate instead of chloride. The next day I added the mix to my tea with a mild metallic taste, and not much else.

Now a few days later, I added it to my pooris and the metallic taste was there, but the fullness and feeling of repletion remains.

This feeling is extraordinary to me - I haven't felt 'full' except maybe 2ce or 3 times a year when I eat at a wedding or a restaurant ... for over 30 yrs! My normal day is almost 24 hours of feeling peckish and munching on fried snacks all day (making me put on a good 8 kgs over the last 5 years which is all around my belly!). I've always felt it was normal to feel that way, always excusing myself by saying I needed to put on weight anyway (I am underweight for my height even now at 48 kgs - but my belly is looking middle-aged all by itself.:)

Now I KNOW I was just deficient in some vital nutrients. This is probably what was wrong with all the cats and dogs who come way too often to eat, and are always looking for food in the garbage dumps! They're probably peckish too.

I might have solved the 'starving, hungry street dog' problem with this nutrient mix!! Fingers crossed! I've just got to be careful not to give too much and too soon so that they don't suffer like I did from the sudden rush of nutrients into their starving bodies.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nutrient mix - May 2015

This is my updated nutrient list. Unfortunately I deleted the post where I talk about why and how I put this together, and I'm too lazy to post that enormous amount of text again:

Nutrient set as dry powders
Copper 1500 2 tsp
Manganese    1200 2 tsp
Vitamin C 23500 10 tsp
Zinc    21000 10 tsp
Magnesium    150000 40 tsp
Chloride    150000 40 tsp
Sodium    100000 40 tsp
Calcium    150000 240 tsp
Iodine (K iod) 220 1 tsp
One set: tabs

Vitamin B1 Thiamin 560 1 tsp multi
Choline    425 1 tsp multi
Vitamin K 410 1 tsp multi
Vitamin B6 400 1 tsp multi, B complex
Riboflavin    1300 2 tsp yes- 50 mg
Niacin    4000 4 tsp in white rice
Folic Acid 68 1 tab
Vitamin B12 9 6 tabs multi, B complex
Vitamin B7 (biotin) (biotin)    6 tabs multi, B complex
Pantothenic Acid 4000 4 tsp in white rice
Give this homeopathically:


lugol's in rice?
Selenium    90 30 tabs biochemic 3x
1 dram alcohol kali bich 6x
4 bolus yes - 4 bolus
1 tsp as borax

Fiber and Carbs:

Fiber    500,000 750 tsp approx 3%
Rice 9 kg

cooked approx 9
Chicken 15 kg

approx 15
The fiber is right now hulls of oat, green gram and chickpeas. I should put in peanut oil pulp soon. Vitamin C in the form of dried orange peel. Magnesium sulphate, Zinc sulphate, Cupric chloride (dibasic), Potassium iodate, Calcium sulphate, multivitamin tablets, B-forte for b complex, flaxseed for omega-3, rice bran for omega 6 and 9.