Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Second version of Elements in Moon cycle

This is with the correction of starting at First Qtr. And I've put the elements into sets in terms of how much I've used them. I've left only those I've used in the periodic table. This is the set I've used so far:
Mg Na Mn Cl S Zn Ag
Cu I Hg Co Se Cd As
Pb Sb N B C Fe Ga
Ba Cr K Ca P Br Am
I've got the two main electrolytic salts, Magnesium and Sodium in brown; Manganum, Chlorides and Sulphates in blue; Copper, Zinc, Selenium and Cobalt in yellow; the heavy metals in red; those used only once in orange.

Though I've gone about it haphazardly, the distribution is already quite clear:
Mg focused around the full moon as magnesium chloride and new moon as magnesium sulphate.
Na from Last Qtr to First Qtr as Sodium bicarbonate.
Chlorides from New Moon to Full Moon as Magnesium chloride.
Sulphates across the cycle as Mag sulph, Zn sulph, Cu sulph, etc.
Zinc only just around Full Moon as Zinc sulphate.
Argent, Silver, from New Moon to Full Moon as Arg Nitr 3-10m.
Cuprum, copper, across the cycle.
Iodine from 3days to Full Moon to 3days after Last Qtr.
Selenium New Moon to First Qtr 3x; Cobalt 6 days around Full Moon as methylcobalamine and Cobalt 6x.
Mercury 3days to full moon to 3days after New Moon as Merc v, Merc I r, Merc corr.
Cadmium from First Qtr to Last Qtr as Cadmium Sulph and Cadmium Brom.
Aurum, Gold, 3days before Full Moon and New Moon as Aur mur nat.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Elements across the moon cycle

I've put down all the elements I've used since Jan 2015 to see if there's a pattern. Of course, one clear pattern is that the full and new moon times there's more need for the elements.

I'd have liked to have proved that we use more homeopathic toxic elements - Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, etc - towards new moon so that it gets activated and thrown out during that period in cleansing, but unfortunately I'm still too haphazard in my picks to be that scientific.:)

Copper and Zinc are interesting. While we need more copper steadily through the month, Zinc seems to be bunched up towards the Full Moon time.

I've also tried to turn the Periodic table around so that it would be more useful - since the acids, alkalis, acidic salts and basic salts are a combination of the extremes, but still haven't figured out a way to make it simple and fit into my cycle. I've just put it out here so that it's there for future reference.

I'll put an Ideal Chart sometime soon where I'll try to detail how homeopathy should be used to cleanse and heal, and how the nutrients could be used across the full moon period to nourish. So ... more later as usual!:)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nature's balance still not restored after nepal earthquake

Much energy to the people and animals of Nepal who have survived this disastrous earthquake to grow and thrive in the future.

I can say I 'foresaw' or predicted this earthquake just from how the animals were reacting and behaving for the last few months. I knew something terrible was on its way from the way the energy build-up never reset a proper balance since the end of winter.

The sick were impossible to heal and died, and my Reiki energy was/is just not flowing with any power. Each time I saw a cyclone on the satellite pics, I'd feel relief that this imbalance would come to an end, but it didn't ... and still hasn't. I'm afraid that all these, including the nepali earthquake, are just a prelude to something bigger in nature.

It's actually always astonishing when I realise how much like fleas we are on the earth's back! If the earth is healthy, we live well. If it gets sick, for a time, we multiply like mad and go crazy on the goodies it throws out, but eventually if the earth dies, we die with it.

I wish this build-up of energy will break down in a less dramatic fashion than earthquakes and volcanoes, but unless there's a series of vents, we're in for some serious global disaster.