Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wrong in the Moon Cycle?

It's been slowly dawning on me that I may have the moon cycle wrong. Because of the power of the extremes of full and new moon, I hadn't noticed that the start of the cycles are actually at the Quarter moons.

This makes more sense, since the peaks and troughs aren't really the start of anything, but the extremes. The start is always in the middle.

If that is true, I'd have to adjust my thinking a bit -- if the cycle starts in First Quarter, then that's the root chakra area? And ends in Last Quarter, that would be the crown chakra? That would be a major change, toppling much of what I have done, but it would explain a lot of the confusion in Boger's work on the moon as well as mine.

Time to revisit Boger again. Boger has had a number of remedies that have worked around the First and Last Quarter moon. I always wondered about them, because I was so focused on getting the Full and New Moon remedies right. (Getting them right was also almost impossible - too many remedies are drawn during those peak periods. If they are the areas of the heart chakra and solar plexus, that would explain the metabolic speeding up of full moon and the dips of the new moon.)

Those quarter moon remedies of Boger were more consistent with deep healing than the bunching up of many remedies connected to digestion during the peak periods of the Full and New Moon. Or so it seemed - I need to read that book again to confirm it.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


No wonder the dogs have been so sick - this is no ordinary weather. There was a swirl of cyclonic energy around the Mangalore coast the day before which disappeared yesterday, so I thought we were past the worst of the storm. But no. Just 10 mins ago it hailed with marble-sized stones. I just hope all my street dogs, cats and kites are in a safe place.:/

But despite my fears for the free animals, it's exciting - I love it when it hails. I remember my first experience with hail when I was around 3 - I was awestruck. To think of the power of nature, it's amazing. This is the kind of thing animals can't adapt to - if the weather changes rapidly to make it hail more often, cause cyclones more often, rain off-season, the most vulnerable will die.

But not just the animals. This year my mango tree hasn't been fruiting right, and the butterfruit trees are dropping their fruit half-sized. I think there's something terrible in the offing that's making nature's strongest, our trees, stutter in their normal routine.

Turpentine's unexpected effect!:)

The turpentine oil that I added to the food with castor oil hasn't any major effect, negative or positive, on the dogs as yet - it was just a teaspoonful in each vessel - but it has had an unexpected very welcome effect!

I finish cooking by around 3 pm, start feeding the cats, dogs and crows with meat at home at 3 pm, feed the rice to my dogs, rats and birds by 6 pm (it takes a while to cool the rice), and then one set of street dogs at 7:30 pm, the larger number between 3 am and 6 am.

But by the last set, the rice is off - spoilt even by the summer heat, but more set off by the weather change and especially around the new moon. (The meat is sticky and gluey too, but I've looked at that as positive imagining bacteria manufacturing Vitamin B12 during that time.:)

Yesterday's rice and meat though were amazingly preserved by the turpentine! Even such a small amount kept the rice and meat fresh all the way until 5 am when I fed the last dog.

I might repeat this just for that effect - of course, I'd like them to drop tapeworms, cleanse their colons and have the rest of the benefits as well, but just this preservation is amazing.

Kenchu's skin - what works, what doesn't

Kenchu, as I've mentioned before, is completely bald with bluish skin since the first dose of Psorinum 200 3 years ago. I'd have given up on his skin if only he didn't itch so much. So I keep trying.

What works:
  • Iodine - always makes his skin look and feel better. He loves it as well, sits patiently through the application of it.
  •  ALA-LA+vit E combination oil: This seems to work best. I read up on how those two fatty acids work with Vit E to make skin better, so I put the combination together - 9 rice bran oil to 1 linseed oil to 1 capsule of Vit E. He loved it!
  • Turpentine: The first application was good yesterday and he licked it up. This was probably because he has tapeworms as well, on and off, though not so much of late. But I'm a bit scared since it isn't exactly a nutrient and different from what I've tried before (a poison). Today he didn't like it as much, continued to itch and whine softly - so it probably shouldn't be applied every day. (Today I tried magnesium chloride, then the LA-ALA oils and last, when he was yelping, the turpentine. I had hoped his skin would like the chloride and then tried to alleviate his suffering with the latter two.)
What doesn't work:
  • Homeopathy: whatever homeopathy does, it pushes it out onto the skin - this is what I think prevents his skin from healing. So many of the remedies are antosporic. He's got too much going wrong inside to heal on the outside. A few remedies have brought back a few brave hairs, but not in any impressive way. The remedies he draws, like Helleborus, Bacillinum, Hydrocotyle, etc. don't seem to care about the hair.
  • Magnesium chloride: However excited I got about magnesium chloride's effect on my own dry skin on the shins, Magnesium chloride makes him yelp for hours and doesn't do anything good for his skin. I'm disappointed, but resigned.
  • Zinc sulphate: Initially he didn't react at all to the first application of Zinc, but every subsequent application has made him yelp and itch and change places a dozen times (which is his way of protesting any outrage).
  • Copper sulphate and chloride: He hates these two as much as he does the zinc and magnesium.
While I am reluctant to heal his skin without the inside being healed first (as homeopathy sensibly suggests), I feel compelled to try when he's itching for hours. I'm happy he licks up the Turpentine, etc. because that would be more homeopathic - some internal healing with the external. His primary problem is in his digestive system.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Started with Turpentine Oil + Castor oil combo

I haven't written because I seem to be going through a period of ennui after the furious mental activity of the last week.

I've been giving them more vitamins and minerals than I thought I'd be inclined to, and they're all better - not much, but it is significant when they react less to the weather (another storm cycle beginning here - rains from this evening).

Today I included a spoonful of turpentine oil with castor oil (expecting a multitude to die of poisoning instantly after reading the FDA warnings!:) in their food. Nothing dramatic has happened yet. Except for Icy, all the others, including Kenchu handled the weather change better.

It is the 3rd day after the New Moon, so that is significant as an improvement.