Saturday, March 28, 2015

Candida are the GOOD guys!

I've found a wonderful write-up here that explains why Candida are really the good guys. This really blends in with my belief that parasites are essentially good and killing them is just needless, heedless violence and Himsa.

This theory explains that "New evidence shows that Candida and other chronic fungal infections can be attributed to their protective role and adaptation of the immune system to an otherwise lethal heavy metal environment, especially mercury. 
Mercury suffocates the respiratory mechanism of the cell and creates severe cellular malnutrition and even cell death. So we make a deal with microorganisms, like Candida, to bind large amounts of heavy metals in their own cell walls. 
The gain is that our cells can breathe but it comes at a price because we now have to feed the fungus and bacteria as well as our own cells. This deprives our cells of needed nutrients and we also have to deal with the micro-organism’s toxic metabolic waste because what goes in must come out!
Depending on the internal environment and the amount of heavy metals we are exposed to, these tolerated guests can certainly grow out of control and create their own set of problems."

So true from my experiences:
  •  When I used homeopathic Candida 3x a couple of days ago, I fell asleep for almost 4 extra hours later that day. The next day I took and gave Candida 30 to my dogs and I slept almost 16 hours. Then when I woke I felt needle-like prickles in my liver that lasted about 5 minutes but has led to two days of diarrhea. (I believe that the 'sleepiness' is from toxins being released in the brain when the candida were affected, and the liver prickles are from the processing of toxic waste to eliminate, which came out as a yellow bilious diarrhea.) It must be what they call 'die-off'.
  • Laxmi had a similar but fatal 'die-off' effect from my giving her Zinc Sulphate 10m. Zinc sulphate must have replaced Cadmium and Mercury in her body similar to a 'halogen displacement' where a lighter element in the same line replaces the heavier in it's periodic group. Poor darling, she slept her way through life and then I had to fuck up so badly trying to help her.:/
  • Ancient and later Fawndog drew unbelievable amounts of Merc and Cadmium in potency which I simply couldn't understand. Now I think that the body was trying to throw away the neurotoxins with the homeopathy, but I hadn't prepared the waste disposal system enough to deal with it. They were constipated when they should have been having diarrhea.:/
I'm not really sure how not to make the same mistakes again. Whether to start with Merc or end with it. Whether to work on the intestines first or simultaneously. Kidneys too. How can we get it all right?

 But do read the article - it has a lot of detoxing solutions that I think would be valuable to animals! More soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Candida, neurotoxins and detox

This healing thing is turning out to be as convoluted a process as trading - nutrition is as bad. I'm never sure if I've 'got it' or if I'm just a blind person mistaking an elephant for many different things.

But now that I'm trying Candida, 3x twice till now, I'll proceed with the theory assuming that I'm right (exactly the way I lose money trading, btw!:). They all had a reaction just now at low tide, so it does seem that the yeast is strong at new moon and low tide. And that 3x isn't enough.
  1. The first thing to know is that Candida affects every animal with low immunity - extreme stress, after accidents, illness, ear infections, etc.
  2. Candida overload seems to be the most common way that dogs die on the street. That gangrene, blackened skin disease with the bloated abdomen and the paralysis of limbs could all be Candida's work following lowered immunity (not the primary cause).
  3. From Icy drawing Phytolacca, Nux and Oxytropis recently and getting better, I'm assuming that Candida grows in the gut (Phytolacca cleans the gut of cancerous substances) and the Oxytropis (locoweed - neurotoxin) especially made me think perhaps Candida uses neurotoxins to spread. They draw Opium (again a gut remedy), Terebinth (kidney cleanse, deworm) and Kalmia (heart protector) after accidents and partial or total paralysis, so I'm thinking neurotoxins are the cause.
  4. The dogs that willingly eat the most rice and glucose biscuits are probably the most affected, ironically. Rice probably is a craving because of candidiasis. (How much I used to appreciate these dogs for obliging my cooking for a balanced diet! All wrong.:)
  5. Damp and humid weather worsens the problem - mold thrives in it, so this might be the weather change and monsoon link, and well as the new moon, low tide connection to the suffering of the dogs.
  6. 'Itchy bum', thyroid problems, skin problems, jumpy legs, memory loss (according to this) are all symptoms I notice in the dogs especially during the changes and moon cycle lows.
  7. Slowed reflexes, increased irritability, increased panic attacks - all of these I've noticed too, so I hope I'm on the right track! This site suggests detoxing with Vit B, C and lipolic acids for the major acetaldehyde neurotoxins produced by Candida.
  8. The other neurotoxins released are opiates,tartaric acid, ethanols, etc from here. Candida's neurotoxins might explain Ancient's seizure.
  9. One site says most toxins are Cations (+vely charged). 
  10. Heavy metal toxins and many environmental toxins are neurotoxic (affinity to nerve tissue) and lipophillic (love of fatty tissue like endocrine glands, brain tissue and adipose).
  11. I liked the site that suggested using cilantro (coriander) and garlic for detoxing but didn't save it. Maybe I'll look for it another time.
 Now my major problem is how to use Soda bicarb for detoxing and electrolyte balancing without cooking with it.:) One can go crazy trying to keep up nutritionally. Currently I'm adding it to the cooking like I do with every other nutrient and homeopathic remedy.

BTW, today all the dogs drew Lach 200 even though it is almost 1st Qtr. So they're probably detoxing still.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Feeding dilemma: Too much reading

I've gotten into a real mental bind with reading about Candida - there are so many food that help it grow.
  • How do I eliminate the rice I give the dogs without cutting down on the number of dogs I feed?
  • The thing is that it must be Candida or another yeast. My dogs don't have a staph or a stepto problem - they don't draw those remedies except in high potencies. They do draw tubercular remedies and sycotic ones, and they draw Ergot and most especially Secale (both of which I don't give because so many cats are constantly pregnant! It is supposed to eject anything in the uterus.). Secale and Ergot are both yeasts or molds and must be similar to Candida - more similar than Agaricus or the other fungi because they don't draw those either.

I didn't think of Candida, though I'd bought it very long ago for Sonu in 3x and 6x; and when it didn't work immediately, gave up on it. I've given the dogs Candida 3x yesterday, and they are all much quieter today. I hope it is the right remedy - I've bought it at 30 potency today, but I'll hold it for a while. These nosodes have some delayed aggravations.

  • In the meantime, I'm adding garlic to every meal - which the dogs hate - hoping it will keep the rice from feeding the candida and they get the nutrients. (They even hate coconut oil, which is strange because they love butter - the two have the 'good' fats, so it must be a matter of taste. No different from us, I guess.:) But I'm figuring that the garlic should offset the damage that the rice does by feeding Candida sugar. 
  • No other solution comes to mind because I can't give them all oats or other expensive foods, I can't feed less dogs - I'm already feeding only about 40-50 instead of the 100 of a year ago, and I can't get them more chicken waste - that's the optimal level at the shop I go to.
[ I would have preferred to stop the chicken and just feed the dogs rice since it breaks my heart to continue to use those poor birds, but I guess that's a pipe dream now. The meat is essential and killing the bird is not as bad as the mammal. Considering all life as unequal of course.:/]

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Candida was what I missed?

I think I've figured out a part of the problem. Was feeding them supplements also feeding the candida in the intestines? Maybe. Some sites think so.

I'm thinking that the problem with the supplements only started after the Full Moon (or more correctly after the Last Quarter) - which is probably when the intestinal yeast and bacteria expel their toxins? That's the time period in which two gangrenous dogs died and Icy went down in energy suddenly.

Would it help if I gave them garlic and other anti-yeast stuff during this period to detox? I've got to look into that. I did give them all the sulfates - Mag sulph, Copper Sulph, Zinc Sulph hoping the sulphate part would do the detoxing, but maybe it doesn't work that way. Maybe we should use organosulfs like DMSO, MSM, garlic to do that job.