Monday, September 7, 2015

Little kitten missing after storm - spigelia for storms or LQ

2 am - Kitten still alive. Saw her active.
I haven't posted in a long time since I've been so stressed by the weather and animals missing or sick or stressed as well. There are some 5 distant cyclones, past Japan, but it's pulling in the winds at such an angle across southern India that it's bringing rain and stripping the surface of electrons and immunity. A double whammy. (Insat pic below)

It's been a nightmare for the free cats who've all had kittens. The very young are all dying of a variety of inflammations - the little white one who had very severe inflammation of the orbits around the eyes. I gave her Euphr 30, Verat v 30 and Teucr 6 hoping to help her past this storm, but she's been missing since last night, so I'm assuming she didn't make it, poor thing.

 This black and white (below) female, Kalli, has had kittens just a few weeks ago, but has inflamed mammary glands - I don't know how she'll feed them, poor thing. She's lost every set but one (tollu and dollu). I hope they survive and that this storm will pass quickly.
I've found out that Spigelia is a remedy for this Last Quarter (or storms!). Like Ignatia, it's a remedy that they all seem to draw. It's too late for the little white kitten, but apparently it prevent that kind of inflammation around the eyes.

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