Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Disease, war and refugees

I've found so many things about humans disgusting that I've turned away my mind from them at a very young age. Violence and war represented men at their lowest, torture and experimentation their worst. It was inexplicable to me, and unforgivable. I'd been abused as a child by men I'd trusted, so I knew well how it took no provocation or reason.

I assumed it was an evil in every man, just waiting for an opportunity to show itself. In contrast, I thought women were intrinsically good, since I've rarely seen anything but kindness from them. American women in Abu Ghraib, Israel and Elizabeth Bathory redefined this to a narrower population.

But in the last couple of years, I've begun to see all evil as disease. I think much of the violence and war is a consequence of and the expression of miasm - especially the scrofula with its sycotic-cancer- tubercular cruelties. The affected mind is the last stage of the disease and grows more emotional and imaginative.

I remember my abuser had crumbling, blackened teeth and smelled of paan masala (don't recall too much of it - I was too young to understand and blanked it out for about 15 yrs). These premature signs are typical, and I've read about how British soldiers in WW1 had such poor teeth that they couldn't eat meat unless it was ground (leading to modern dentistry). All this talk about PTSD is just the next stage of mental degeneration of scrofula, where it imitates syphilis, in men after acting on the impulses and commands alone.

The social crisis is just the disease called Scrofula by homeopaths spreading, the violence and rape and torture its manifestations. At the other end of the spectrum are the victims, like myself as a child, and the refugees of war today. There's a wonderful article on the net about cancer and how it can create both victims and aggressors, slaves and masters.

The victims are unable to find the energy to escape the crisis created by the aggressors, nor the mental clarity to understand it enough to fight it from strength. And if they escape, it is a stumble from one nightmare into the next, as they migrate. I've seen this in dogs as well. The dogs that run, that set off to change territory, are the weakest, the sick, the hopeless and the young. As they invade healthier dogs' territories (as syrian refugees are invading europe), they're least likely to survive without aid. Many run until they drop dead.

But underlying all this disease, there's one factor that makes it manifest so violently - it's the weather and earth changes. So many of my dogs have changed territory for years, though most dogs only move about 3/4ths of kilometre a year, it's only this year that I've seen the strongest desire to migrate in them. I've been able to counter it with homeopathy and reiki for animals, but I can see the crisis exploding in the human populations of the world.

Until the earth calms down, the refugee crises will continue to spread, because the disease, scrofula, becomes active with it.

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