Saturday, September 26, 2015

2 days to Full Moon: Staphylococcin 10m

Yesterday I went to Cubbon Park looking for the black, exhausted dog (whose hair is completely red now though it was black and skin is totally black). She'd come up in a dream the previous night as if reminding me that if I don't help her, she won't have long left. I'd promised in my mind to help her if I could, but completely forgot over the week.

I couldn't find her initially, so I went out for a walkabout and found the old dog with completely black skin (but yellow fur patches otherwise) that I'd fed once about a year ago! I was sure he would have died by now, so I was thrilled.

I sat down and checked remedies on him and was surprised that he drew Staphyloccocin 10m, along with Argent nit 1m, Hamamelis 1m, Ichthy 6, Artem 3 and Ledum cm. I gave the Staphy separately and put the rest into a bottle to give him again, along with the other black-red dog, if she showed up. He remembered me, which was wonderful!

Anyway, by the time I was done with him, I'd run out of food, but ran into the black-red dog as I was leaving. I gave her the remedies on biscuits which she ate. I didn't give her Staphy, I was afraid to, she looked quite stressed. She did draw the Bach combo of Beech, Rock rose, Wild Rose, Heather, Vine, S. Chestnut very strongly, so I gave it to her as well.
Today I ran across a dog howling away near the Indian express building. I went to look at him, and was surprised to see it was the Police Quarters White 3-legged dog who'd gotten lost (the fireworks during the Ganesha are beastly for dogs)! He was so exhausted he could barely walk, but he latched on to me and wouldn't wait around.  So I put him in an auto and dropped him off before I picked up my bike again and went off to finish my work. He was so happy to be home he was jumping up and down in the auto! So satisfying to be able to do something right, something simple, for a dog which is stress-free for me.:)

I went this evening to feed him and he was proudly sitting on a policeman's doorstep - he's much loved in that area, the little baby!

The problems of migration accelerate from Ganesha festival to New Years when the fireworks are constant and panic the dogs into it.:/ This is going to be a long, stressful 4 months for me and my street dogs.

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