Friday, August 7, 2015

Working on details

It's surprising how much time decays emotion and thought. I've been blogging from 2012 or so ... can't recall exactly... that's when the first post is here! ... (I've blogged before that and then condensed it into this blog.:)

I find I want to keep the essentials that I've grasped on one blog - details that I like about the moon cycle, weather, remedies, etc. so that it can be a quick reference guide. I realise as I work on it that I have written a whole lot of words and there's so little information that can be useful out of it.

Mostly it is confusion (esp emotional confusion which I seem to need to express desperately), and theories that didn't pan out (which I feel is necessary to clear out the myths and unchecked notions in my head). This post, for instance, I'd leave out entirely in my Essentials blog.

No wonder the Indian sages called all knowledge smruthi and shruthi. Smruthi is forgettable, connected to time and place and relevant only then. Shruthi is eternal and useful across time and space. I guess my 'Essentials' blog will be for the Shruthi of this blog - stuff that will help me to heal over all time and space.

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