Thursday, August 20, 2015

I'm failing in the feeding

I'm growing really confused about what I do.

Dogs don't eat rice during the monsoon rains, cyclones and storms - probably because it putrifies in the stomach or the wrong bacteria and fungi enjoy it more. Either way the amount of rice I need to cook has been diminishing dramatically over the last few months of endless rains and storms.

Just giving meat means that I barely feed 20-50 dogs. Since the meds are in the meat, I try to cover as wide a territory as possible. This means that each dog just gets 2-3 pieces of meat ... which obviously isn't enough to fill it, so they follow me around like crazy. I can't give them more if I want to get the meds to more dogs.

This last week has been a "what the hell am I doing?" time. I go out and give them less than they need and come away feeling unsatisfied. If I give a few dogs more, then I'm neglecting so many that the homeopathy could heal.

I haven't had this problem before because I've been so sick through every monsoon of my life that I've barely been able to go out and feed dogs. My body used to be exhausted all the time. This time I'm healthy enough to encounter this problem, so that's at least heartening.:)

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