Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rains continue

The rains are endless, and really stressing me out. It hasn't actually stopped raining since January! I wish it would stop so that the dogs have time to recover - as it is, their immune systems are shot. El nino effect or just earth changes, I don't know.

Icy has this huge hardened thing in his abdomen (tumor? bladder hardened?) that's drawing a lot of Agaricus 6x. I'm still using the distance healing method for most of the day and night - I don't want to lose all my strength and fall sick going out too often in this changeable weather. That won't help any dog!

But avoidance is a major part of why I'm doing distance reiki - seeing the suffering is more than draining of all my energy than the weather. I feel my heart and solar plexus sink even at the thought of going to see the dogs  are they alive? worse? better? in pain?

It makes me put off going as much as not having enough meat to give each a full meal. There's so little to give now that the cat numbers are so high. The cats eat more meat per animal than any of my dogs and they come throughout the day and night begging like they're starved.

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