Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Eugenics, Darwinisms and India's ABC Program

I was watching the BBC serial "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" esp episode 2 about eugenics. It was the search for the fittest humans, which lead to countless sterilizations of humans declared 'unfit for reproductive purposes' in the US and Europe.

So similar to the eugenics that is active now in India as Animal Birth Control of our own local dogs (since it doesn't apply to foreign breeds). Unfair and ridiculous much?

I realised that I had been sucked into the rhetoric as well. I was fortunate in my growing disgust over sterilizations that I left this evil and did something better with my life. Generations of caste system thinking and our own unconscious eugenic beliefs, and egotism (which young person doesn't feel superior to everyone else?:), Indians are easily sucked into blindly supporting the ABC program imposed our free dogs on the street. Perhaps it is a measure of collective self-hatred and low self-esteem that we allow sterilization of indian dogs and encourage the breeding of foreign ones!

So I did the 'Bad science combining with Bad politics' as much as any Nazi racist. Most 'animal welfarists' admitted in 2004 that we were doing human welfare and politics and it was of no benefit, and actual harm, to the animals sterilized. No insight for them yet, since they've continued 11 more years since that admission!

So yes, I did Darwinism myself, but I'm ashamed of all the unnecessary suffering I caused my beloved animals. A great deal of it was from ignorance, because of which I can't condemn people still doing it today. Morons, unevolved robots but finally just well-meaning idiots who're carried away by a bad idea and don't know how to stop.:(

I recently read an article on China's dwindling population and how their sterilization program was just a complete waste and unnecessary cruelty. Populations rise and fall in all species at their own pace (13.4 yrs for frogs, I read). Forcing it down or up doesn't change the cycle - the animals in our case just die of post-surgical complications which reduce population - in China's forced abortions and single-child rule it just increased isolation.
I have a different view of Life on maturity. I hope. Though it's also scatty enough and judgemental enough to be irresponsible in its own right :p, so not looking for a higher ground, just a different, kinder one.

  • It isn't genetic as much as a belief in karma, living out the karma we inherit from our own actions and rebirth for animals and humans. (I doubt if breeding controls can apply any influence there.:) Just so that there are no leftover darwinisms creeping in:
  • I don't believe in sterilization. 9 out of 10 animals born die anyway within 1 year in nature without nurture. If you are nurturing, even a foreign breed pet, you should sterilize your dog (not the one on the street!).
  • I don't believe in the 'perpetual struggle' and competition. I've seen that it is a weather-related nervous response. Homeopathy can alter that, and Bach flower remedies like Cherry Plum remove that fight/flight/fright drive almost entirely. If the weather is even, all the animals live harmonously with each other.
  • I also believe in helping the weakest survive, and thrive, since that is the only way to improve life in living beings. The 'survival of the fittest' is something I totally reject as dumb. When the weakest survive, they seem to develop an immunity to deep disease and aging, while those stronger animals succumb easily to disease later in life. So Darwinism has got that completely topsy-turvy - it's the weak who survive who develop the capacity to adapt, change and grow.
  • Finally, I truly believe there's an entirely different mechanism at work in the life energy in living beings which absolutely changes the material body to its needs. This is where energy medicines like Homeopathy and energy healing methods like Reiki are so much in tune.

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