Friday, July 24, 2015

More moon confusion and the caduceus

I doubt if anyone since ancient Indian and egyptian times has scratched their heads so much about where the moon cycle starts! It's so much a chicken and egg problem that I'm tempted to let it be and say,"what does it matter where it starts?" ... but I'd be wrong to do that. It matters so that we know which chakras are connected to which part of the cycle. I've struggled with this in the markets too.

First I assumed it began at the New Moon. Later at 1st Quarter.

But yesterday was 1st Quarter, and for 3 days now I've had so much difficulty around my Solar Plexus.

Three key assumptions could be wrong. A few possibilities come to mind:
1. If FQ is connected to the start, then the energy rushing up the spine is throwing my solar plexus out of whack. Draining it of energy or there's a big block. So, possible.
2. If FQ isn't the start, it could be connected to the Solar plexus because it really is the middle of the cycle as I originally thought - but the midpoint should connect to the Heart Chakra rather than the Solar Plexus. So, wrong.
3. If the start of the moon cycle is from the solar plexus and not the root ... then those who talk of the chakras are wrong in placing their base at the root chakra.:)
4. If the moon energy weaves in and out of the chakras more like a caduceus of Hippocrates, so there's no clear back and front, then the way energy we assumed to move is wrong. Until now I've assumed the energy moves up the back and spine on rising, and down the front and organs on falling. Taught it too when I taught Reiki, since that was how I was taught.  What if instead it twined up the front and back chakras going up and twined its way down again? Then we'd be wrong in many ways and in our basic assumptions. One was we'd be wrong is assuming that the start of the moon cycle means only spinal remedies or only soft tissue remedies.
5. I've always assumed the wand in the caduceus is our spine. But what if it's just a chi route that's a heaven-earth connection through us like Laura Brennan sees it? And a constant, which snaps at the point of death.
6. Then in the caduceus there are the two 'snakes' which are both rising - there's no falling cycle at all! What if that's how it is with the moon cycle? What if it's always upwards? Then the start of each cycle will be useful only once we know which snake we're on.
7. As a helix never really touches, it would be a twining like:
  • back root to front solar plexus to back throat chakra (1st qtr - last qtr)
  • front root to back sacral to front heart to back forehead chakra (last qtr - 1st qtr)
There's more to it as you can see in the caduceus, but I'm too sleepy now. I'll work it out tomorrow. Makes sense that the solar plexus is hit so early in me. And that it's the front solar plexus that is so hard hit by the new energy. More later.

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