Saturday, July 25, 2015

Double helix caduceus moon cycle

Ok, sounds complicated. But perhaps it is. Perhaps that's why it's been so long and so difficult to figure out what should have been easy.

All I wanted to do was place the remedies according to the moon cycle into the correct order for use, and the chakras that they'd work on. All that I wanted to do for 5 years. I thought all the plant remedies would go in the front and all the elements in the back. I thought the new moon cycle would be down the front and the full moon cycle up the back.

Since I haven't been able to make it so simple, maybe it is really quite complicated.
Most of the sites have the chakra-caduceus wrong, as I did.

They're treating it as a flat twining, but I think it's more like a double helix. So in 2 dimensions it looks quite flat, but the red string never touches the blue string in this example, just as the two snakes never actually make contact with each other.

In one instance they do realise that they've got something wrong, so they make a third to compensate! I doubt if they'll ever experiment enough to realise they have that image wrong too.:)

It doesn't need a third energy line, it just needs to be redrawn to show a double helix around the chakra line, not in it and through it.

I can't find any image of a double helix that I can use so I'll have to draw one myself to understand which set of chakras, and front or back, I need to work with at any given time in the moon cycle.

The last moon cycle has been better than most in that a majority of the animals handled the rains well. I must look at the remedies I used again more carefully. If I remember right they were: Naja, Scutellaria, Scrofularia, Nitric acid, Zinc mur, Secale, Bovista and Graphites that were outstanding.

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