Thursday, July 2, 2015

Deadliest Heat Wave! That's what it was.

Ok from Wunderblog weather, Jeff Masters says:
"We've already seen two of the planet's top ten deadliest heat waves in history over the past two months; the Pakistani government announced on Wednesday that the death toll from the brutal June heat wave in Pakistan's largest city, Karachi, had hit 1,250. According to statistics from EM-DAT, the International Disaster Database, this makes the 2015 heat wave in Pakistan the 8th deadliest in world history. The heat wave that hit India in May, claiming approximately 2,500 lives, ranks as the 5th deadliest."

Well, they've counted the toll on humans, but if they count my street dogs, it would probably rank among the top 3 deadliest seasons for my city in world history. It has really been a miserable year beginning.

In retrospect, it was quite hopeless to try and save them. My rats have disappeared too - hopefully into the street-gutters rather than all dead. But this week two were very sick, one died and the other is still around but dying. I've put zinc on it's back and ergot, scrof, scut, bapt, etc. but it's still breathing with difficulty so it might be a matter of days before it succumbs.

My friend and I were speculating that the heat we were feeling was from inside the earth, which I mentioned in previous posts. I still feel that the earth is responding as a whole to some internal crisis - the earthquakes, the heat waves, the ocean cyclones are all related to each other.

I feel the energy I used to feel in early spring, Jan-Feb, as late as in July this year. My physical energy level and my Reiki energy level seems to be returning, if rather slowly. I'm just grateful that it isn't aging or some degenerative process taking away my ability to heal. Perhaps I'll be up to healing better in a few months, enough to save lives again.

In remedies: Ergot was the best; Naja, Baptisia, scutellaria and scrofularia next. In the nutrients transdermally, Zinc sulphate and Magnesium chloride have helped a few through, esp the zinc.

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