Monday, June 29, 2015

Unusual earth heat

A friend and I were discussing how unusual weather has been taking lives. As usual we had nothing but our personal impressions to go by - so this is very subjective and not backed by any authority. She knew of 6 people who'd been hospitalized over the last month, 4 of those died. I knew of a number of animals - cats, dogs and rats that had died in the same period of time.

But other than the frequent storms, cyclones and the crazy amount of rain since Jan, we were both discussing the unusual heat. I told her that I must be starting on some kind of perimenopause because I feel the heat from inside me, sometimes to the point of feeling giddy with it boiling up. She said she had the same! And then she said that it might be from the core of the earth rather than inside us, because that seemed to be how her dog was reacting too.

This made us discuss the earthquakes and how they must have some connection to the deeper hot earth-core releasing some kind of inherent heat or radiation that we're feeling from the bones up.

This roiling energy is probably hitting our blocked up energy and pushing people and animals into crises of health which otherwise had settled into chronic conditions long ago. We're simply unable to adapt to these earth changes.

Just thought I'd mention it, in case someone has a similar experience!:)

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