Monday, June 15, 2015

Pleasant surprise!

I was happily surprised to find that Domehead, the red and white female and almost all her 3 generations of kids are still alive! Weaker, but still ... the force is strong in these ones!

I've been giving the brown oldie, all of them actually, Ergot cm (among others like Echinacea, Nitric acid, etc.) since the weakening is in the lower half of the body. The dogs at home are showing the most improvement with less irritation of the skin and ... can't really tell, in truth. They just seem slightly better.

I've been agonizing over moving the oldie home. I doubt if he'll appreciate the change; Gunda here is a real problem dog; my family is so hateful when I have a new dog in.:/

His foot has slowly begun to heal and so has his tail, but he's in poor shape. I put betadine iodine on the two wounds this morning, nitric acid last night, but I'm not even cautiously hopeful. He's a tough guy, and tough guys die hard.

I've been giving him milk in the morning and rice and chicken at night for 2 days now. Hopefully I can keep it up.

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