Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nothing to say

One big weather front - a cyclone on the Arabian Sea - seems to have passed and taken a few animals lives with it. The grey tabby in Mamta Hotel injured it's lower jaw (broke it clean off the front of the face) and was euthanized. The sick old dogs either died (brown miller's road dog) or were most likely euthanized (shivananda petrol bunk dog). One rat that's been on the edge of life for a month now, finally died last night.

But I know of a number of old people who died during that period unexpectedly too, so even though it took a while for humans to start succumbing to the weather drain, the chronically ill and weakened did.
It's like an evil wind that blows the life force of living creatures away. All the energy methods - reiki and homeopathy - are too weak for the force of this earth change.

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