Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Maya: Paralysis and incontinence

Maya, from the Sampangi Ram temple on Cunningham Rd, got paralysed yesterday. Or at least, the paralysis that has been at bay for years now has finally caught up with him and he's unable to use his hindlegs. About 3 weeks ago, he became incontinent, couldn't stop his urine from flowing. I thought at that time that the end was near, but now I'm fairly sure of it.:(

He wouldn't eat yesterday, but this morning he had a little milk. The remedies he's drawing are: Arg nit 10m, 1m, Cherry plum (bach - afraid to let go, losing control), Arnica 30, 1m, Rhus tox 30, Gunpowder 6, Causticum 10m, 50m, Hepar 200, 1m, Merc i r 30, Teucr 6, 30, Calc p 6, Ricin 30.

I'm painfully aware that while I've been able to hold animals at this point indefinitely (until gangrene sets in), I've never been able to cure one to date.:( It even scares me to try and fail.

One thing I noticed though was this. Today is full moon day - virtually everything I've applied on the skin remains - nothing is drawn through the skin during the full moon cycle!
Rule: The only remaining option in this case is that this period is used by the skin to eliminate. So this might be the time to apply eliminative substances on the skin to clear it.
Rule: The new moon cycle is the opposite - The skin functions to draw in nutrients during the new moon cycle. Every oil and iodine, magnesium, etc. I've applied on my dogs during that cycle has been absorbed.

So today I've applied activated charcoal on Icy and Kenchu to see if it will heal their skins. If it works, then I'll try it on Maya. The job is quite messy though - my hands are black and the dogs (Icy is white) look a dirty grey. Might this be a good time to apply castor oil and turpentine too? I hope so - both are eliminative. I have to work my way through what works and what doesn't.
Charcoal doesn't clean well at all from fur! Especially not with a damp cloth.:/ So I've probably got to nix that idea. I won't shampoo them, so charcoal is out.
Graphites 3x is the one Maya's drawing the most along with Rhus 6. I'm only worried about aggravation since they're so low in potency. Still, it might be in low potency because it's the full moon, so I'll wait and see if he'll draw it higher soon.

7 Jun - Maya was taken to Charlotte's house last night, so I can no longer treat him. I'm giving him distant reiki all night though and he's drawing Cherry plum and Physostigma cm. Spinal remedies.

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