Monday, June 15, 2015

Many doubts

Turpentine oil remains a big problem to me - they draw Terebinth in homeopathy, but all the sites on turpentine oil say it is toxic to dogs in quite small quantities. There was this very thoughtful article which said that Vitamin C could do what turpentine does much more safely.

Another thing that worried me is that when I gave a few drops in milk to the dogs, they rejected it. They've never objected to its use on their skin and even in cooking it with castor oil into the meat and rice. So what could the matter be? Well, I'm setting it aside for now.

The second worrier is Iodine. Do the cats react to it or not? If they do, from Tollu's response when his throat got paralyzed before a storm, I can't add it to the meat, only the rice. But the dogs don't draw it much through Reiki - not as much as the muriaticums or chlorides - so what do I do? They react well to it on the skin and diluted in the ears - should I stick to that?

The third big worry is the vitamins. I add them, but I can't seem to make out how much they need. They simply aren't similar to any of the homeopathic acids, so I can't figure out how to add them to the diet. I know they can be harmful given in the wrong quantity.

Most homeopathic combinations are necessary for only about 3 days of a moon cycle. Though I've grown confident enough that I'm not doing harm by giving dogs combos unlike in the past, this constant cyling of remedies is still something I haven't got down right yet - even after 2 years of keeping track! Part of the problem is that I realised at long last that the moon cycle begins at the Last Quarter rather than at the New Moon.:)

Also, I have to sit down and work on the plant remedies for the moon cycle to coincide with the mineral and elemental remedies one of these days. It worries me that I'm so slow at putting it all together as my street dogs are aging very fast. I don't want to lose them because I've not got my shit together.:/ I've told so many dying dogs to 'wait, I'm still figuring it out' even up to the point that they die.

My guides assure me that I can heal them all but, they've said that for years. What I'm doing is so inadequate to sustaining life in the sick, I really wonder about their confidence. The only interpretation of their assurance that I can come up with is that I'm not imposing my will on the sick as much (as medical science does and veterinary docs do) and doing as little as is required by nature to aid the process of healing or maybe just that they're dying with dignity without too much intervention? The other explanations might be that I'm giving them Reiki to the end which eases the transition or that my caring is in itself is a kind of healing?

I hate death - I've never been able to deal with it, even in old and very sick animals. Even when it is a relief to them and me when it's over and we can both move on and re-energize. I reject old age and dying as natural progressions - if our mitochondria can be kept healthy, why should we have to sicken and die at all? But how to do it remains a struggle with homeopathy and reiki, even with gross nutrients added.

Like I said, many doubts.*big sigh*

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