Monday, June 29, 2015

Gangrene from wounds in cats - Baptisia-Naja-Scut-Scrof works!!

Gangrene is a killer in cats, after cat-fights, dog bites, rat bites, etc. especially during the monsoon. I think lost One-Ear to gangrene a week ago since he's been missing. He'd lost his balance and the ear had rotted away in the week before.

It's such a pity, since the fights themselves are from nervous irritation of the spine and brain from the weather change. [They become jumpy, irritable, suspicious and excitable. The males attack even the females like psychopaths. The females are as bad, getting territorial and flirting madly inciting the fights. Messy season that I dread yearly, ending in the horrible Diwali city-wide fireworks which displaces so many animals ... I hate the whole world by this point!]

Seven days ago, I realised that One-Ear wasn't coming back even though I'd tried Gunpowder cm, 10m (which is Mataji's favorites), Hypericum, Arnica, Echinacea, Ergot, etc. for the two days he was around. He drank all of it, but the gangrene was unchanged and even growing. He gave me that 'last look' that animals often give when they know it's the last time they'll see you - a mixture of exhaustion, sadness, defiance, resignation and courage to bear the end is what it looks like to me (I always think that must have been how Jesus looked on the cross).

Five days ago, I saw Sammy the kitten beginning to get that same look - I was in terror of losing him too. I'd been looking around for One-Ear with no luck. Sammy was sleeping all the time, the rat-bitten paw was swelling up, his respiration was hitched. These are usually the symptoms of worsening sepsis or blood-poisoning before the pain makes them writh in pain. Unlike dogs, cats and kittens die more quickly which is a mercy, but also too rapid to prevent.

Still, I wasn't going to give in - Sammy was well-fed and strong like his brothers, stronger than the average kitten. His eyes began to leak reddish blood-like mucus, his paw was bleeding dark blood and watery, bloody pus a day later. I read up Henrietta's site for gangrene - Echinacea, Calendula, Hypericum, Baptisia, ergot, Secale, etc. again. The only two I hadn't tried were Bapt and Calend. and Sammy was drawing on Hyper 6 of that lot. He drew Bapt at 30 and surprisingly he was drawing Naja 30 and Scrof 3 and Scut 3.

I thought what was there to lose and put a drop of Bapt, Hyper and Naja with the other 2 on his foot. Within the hour he was breathing more easily. He slept better and the improvement began.

Now, 5 days after I thought he was die, he's much more active and his blood is redder than it was before! (He's still not fully recovered - he was coughing this evening, which is a heart-respiratory nerve symptom and I gave him Reiki with Bapt  3and Scut 3, which were on hand, and he's better again.)

I think it's a long way from fully clearing the blood, but this is the way to go for wounds, sepsis and gangrene in weather change. Lachesis would probably be a good follow-up after Naja clears the heart chakra region.

I think this is the combo:
Scutellaria - for the nerves during weather change and full moon
Scrofularia - for glandular hardening
Naja - for the arrested breathing and respiratory struggle of blood poisoning. Probably Lach next.
Baptisia - for the progressive blood poisoning from the wound. And poor blood to start with - one thing I noticed for months now is a blackening on the nose - I think in cats that's a sign of poor blood quality.

I regret not having been able to do this for my big baby, One-Ear. RIP, you.

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