Monday, June 22, 2015

Brown dog with gangrene died - remedies that worked

I got a confirmation today after 6 days of searching for the brown dog with gangrene on Millers Rd that he is dead. A watchman of the next compound told me that he saw it 3 days ago dead on the street - probably the 18th or 17th even. My last feeding of him on the 15th was probably the last meal he had.

The turpentine and iodine I'd applied to the exposed bone was too late by then or useless. As was the ergot cm - I might have saved him with a lower potency perhaps?? I've always given the highest they draw at so that they're relieved of the pain and symptoms - maybe that's the wrong approach. Lower would heal the body more aggressively. The Nitric acid 12x I poured on his leg right at the start did seem to heal best - I just didn't have the remedy or he was sleeping on the leg every other time that I saw him. I did add it in different potencies in his food though. He drew a lot of Zinc sulphate and Iodine that I would apply on his back and once Magnesium chloride, but if they helped or not it's hard to say since he had so little time left.
The gangrene was very aggressive eating up a half inch or more of flesh each day on his tail and leg. He might have been diabetic, just like Maya and so many older dogs, for that kind of fast spreading gangrene. Mostly he sat there for glucose biscuits that an animal lover would give him every morning without fail. They need that sugar, but it hurts them in the long run - they draw so much magnesium because it leeches right out of them in the urine. He also drew Rhus vens 50m - here they suggest Rhus aromatica (which I don't have) is good for diabetic ulcers along with Nitric acid 3d, so maybe that also explains the start of the brown dog's gangrene.
I don't feel sad but a kind of relief that he is not suffering and starving somewhere just out of reach. I've been searching quite hopelessly, but doggedly for the last week, and I'm glad that part is over as well. Now I can concentrate on the living who are sick. He's out of it all now I hope he's at peace and running like the wolf he was as a younger dog on some energy level!

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