Monday, June 22, 2015

Bad news mostly, a little good thrown in

The petrol bunk dog with the mumps and my gangrene brownie from miller's road have been missing. I managed to trace the former to a pick-up by 'a doctor' (probably one of these animal welfare groups who promise the earth and deliver the dog to its death in a shelter. The rascals). My gangrene dog is just not around - so either dead or hiding until the end of this cyclonic weather. I hope it's the latter, but last I saw his leg was eaten to the bone by the lack of circulation.:(

Though I'm sad and frustrated by their disappearance, esp if it was to a killing organisation, I'm equally frustrated that my own homeopathy and reiki are not healing them enough to avoid death, to recover. How can I fuss when I've reached a kind of limit with what I can do with my meds? At least let veterinary medicine try it's damnedest. This isn't the first time gangrene has beaten me, though this is the first time the mumps has been so very stubborn. The weather and earth changes make all the simple remedy solutions of the past too weak to do any work at all. What worked before in 2 doses or so now hasn't worked over even 3 weeks of giving it.

I heard of 6 people sick or dying that have had chronic problems - so the weather is beginning to pick off the weakest among us as well. It's activating the acute stage in so many who dragged along for so long.

All kinds of inflammatory and septic problems showing up in the cats too. One of my cats whose ear was chewed off, came after a week with gangrene-like wasting around his ear down to the skull. Sammy, a kitten who used to get dragged down by the weather, is now showing a swollen, probably a broken leg or bone inflammation. Wits end about it.:/ Given gunpwder 200, echin 200, arn 1m, hepar 200 to Sammy and One-ear, but nothing positive to show it has worked yet.

The good news is quite minor: I am usually too sick to feed the dogs so regularly during the rainy season. I have sore throats, fevers, colds and general weakness that saps me so much that the street feeding suffers. I also smoke about double my usual quota during the monsoon. This year I'm surprisingly healthy. If I am anything to go by, my animals are all collectively, in the majority, better off than they were last year.

For all my dogs and cats, and the few sick and dying, I hope they can also recover and thrive like I'm doing.

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