Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Moon transdermal

There's no real research on adding Magnesium chloride to Lugol's or Potassium Iodide, so I went ahead and addied a bit anyway -- at worst it should halogen exchange and become magnesium iodide.:)

I added maybe 1/50th of the Lugol's to the Magnesium Chloride. I also added a bit of Cupric chloride and Zinc Sulphate to the solution (about a 1/20th). Yes, a sulphate ... but I haven't opened the Zinc Chloride as yet. Still, the mixture didn't react, so fingers crossed. Waiting to finish one before I start on the other. So this could be a cupric iodide or a zinc iodide also.

It's interesting and worth writing a note about because this combination is the softest on the skin that I've ever used. Perhaps I've hit upon something here.

I've tried it on myself and Icy, and none of the usual itching or burning.

This could also be because I've noticed that the transdermal absorption is better during the Last Qtr-NM-First Qtr period. Maybe we ingest our nutrients during the Full Moon cycle, and absorb it during the New Moon one, since it is more closely allied to rising water in our bodies. Even the castor oil + turpentine mix seems to get absorbed during this period.

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