Saturday, May 16, 2015

My silver nano experiments update

I had made three green synthesis experiments with my Argent nitricum. The thing that amuses me is that it is no different than our homeopathy - we have nano particles from vibration and shaking or crushing, silver NPs are trying to do the same.

The first of my experiments was on Garlic extract by a process of chopping the garlic, letting it age in water for 2 hours and then adding AgNO3 and setting it aside for 48 hours. Smelt awful and after 1 week in the cupboard - the darned thing developed mold!! So garlic, at least by that method, is out!:) It obviously can't withstand fungal intrusions.

The second was KrishnaTulsi. It still smells good after a week. The leaves were boiled and then filtered and AgNO3 added and kept aside. It changed colour and I'm giving it to the dogs today after drinking it myself for 2 days a tablespoon at each time. Got to see how the dogs and cats and birds take to it.

The best and sweetest smelling was the one I made with lemongrass! Again chopped, boiled, filtered and cooled before adding AgNO3. It looks good and smells better than both the others. This one I plan to repeat often.

I've used it for laundry and it seems to make that smell great too!

I've made very weak solutions since I wanted weak AgNPs, small nanos. My silver nitrate solution is also 1/50 mol since I planned to add it direct to the food, so that's not too concentrated either.

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