Friday, May 8, 2015

Experience with nutrient mix

I inadvertently deleted my post about how I tried the nutrients and fiber in the last week.

In short, I put it in with instant noodles, put too much so it was both a little yucky and gave me dizziness and diarrhoea, flatulence and hot flushes for 6 hours.But on the upside, I was full with a half a packet until almost 24 hours later! I must have severely lacked a few of those ingredients (most likely calcium, because I'm a very careless vegan and don't supplement).

By the second try, the remaining doubly yucky noodles (since it was almost powdery after 24 hours!:) actually only caused a feeling of fullness and mild loose stools. The loose stools could be from using magnesium sulphate instead of chloride. The next day I added the mix to my tea with a mild metallic taste, and not much else.

Now a few days later, I added it to my pooris and the metallic taste was there, but the fullness and feeling of repletion remains.

This feeling is extraordinary to me - I haven't felt 'full' except maybe 2ce or 3 times a year when I eat at a wedding or a restaurant ... for over 30 yrs! My normal day is almost 24 hours of feeling peckish and munching on fried snacks all day (making me put on a good 8 kgs over the last 5 years which is all around my belly!). I've always felt it was normal to feel that way, always excusing myself by saying I needed to put on weight anyway (I am underweight for my height even now at 48 kgs - but my belly is looking middle-aged all by itself.:)

Now I KNOW I was just deficient in some vital nutrients. This is probably what was wrong with all the cats and dogs who come way too often to eat, and are always looking for food in the garbage dumps! They're probably peckish too.

I might have solved the 'starving, hungry street dog' problem with this nutrient mix!! Fingers crossed! I've just got to be careful not to give too much and too soon so that they don't suffer like I did from the sudden rush of nutrients into their starving bodies.

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