Friday, May 15, 2015

Elimination-1b: Castor oil - Turpentine oil New Moon cycle

[Unblocked] I've been experimenting with castor oil and turpentine for this New Moon cycle. I add a teaspoonful in their food and they don't seem to object to it at all. I'm hoping it will prevent putrefaction and gangrene and help chelate some of the toxins by speeding up the passage of stool.

One of the problems that dogs and cats die from seems to be inertia of the intestinal canal from ... a lack of mucus? worms leaving wounds that then become gangrenous? Something like that. Stools become hard and dry and white. The sweet Kempi from the Rama temple died of constipation after 2 months of showing everyone how bad she was. Charlotte even gave her an enema hoping that would be the end of that, but I knew it was a deeper condition and yet didn't do enough to save the poor creature (I carry guilt like this for almost every dog that dies, but the homeopathy and reiki I give just stops short of being enough). Kempi improved with ... Ant tart or Ant crud ... can't recall now, and then died just when I relaxed and stopped giving it.

And this gangrene and toxic build-up in the intestines and worms and poor gut flora and putrefaction seems to be more between Last Qtr to New Moon and First Qtr. This is the time they draw Ricinus, Terebinth and many anti-putrefaction remedies along with dewormers like Sabina, Sabadilla, etc.

From reading on the net, turpentine oil and castor oil are usually given together. A very small amount seems to even keep the food fresh, so they act as a preservative as well.

One surprising thing for me was to learn that even as I gave these to them, the first two days without the added nutrients, I realised that the nutrients are necessary. They didn't eat the food as well without nutrients and just with castor oil and turp. So then I figured out that maybe the nutrients are a must, since they'll be losing out on so much of it when the gut pushes food out faster without absorbing as much.

I've increased the fiber as well, but added ginger and turmeric in it, both of which are gut-related, to the food. They love this entire package and gobble up their meals.

I don't know how Ricinus works (since allopathy claims that it is toxic) since it isn't absorbed in the gut, so maybe it just lubricates. Terebinth oil should heal the gangrenous internal parts according to homeopathy and the eclectics, as well as expel tapeworms and pinworms internally.

Edgar Cayce used to use Castor oil as packs around the abdomen and the lymph glands, so I've tried to apply it to the skin of the dogs at home around the time of the weather change (before and after the 2nd Nepal earthquake) and it did seem to help their overly active immune system calm down somewhat. Packs are really impossible - and even applying on the skin might be a waste to try since it won't help my street dogs. But the dogs itched a bit less and took the change more in their stride. Anyway, one or two applications isn't definitive, but a start. The astonishing thing for me was that everything I applied was absorbed! How weird is that??! If it's really toxic, it shouldn't be so readily absorbed, should it? Allopaths may have it wrong.

They draw a lot of other stuff as well, but only way to find out is to try one or two at a time.:) That's the update on the week for now.

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