Friday, May 15, 2015

Argent Nitricum and NanoSilver

Even though the dogs draw a lot of Argent Nit in homeopathy through Reiki, my courage to try it ran out as soon as I bought it. I drank it once, applied it on Kenchu's back  in a spurt of enthusiasm, and then read about silver toxicity - esp exposed to UV - and saw the famous blue man in the US and lost my courage.:)

It is a very reactive salt. So I hunted around to find a way to make it less reactive and finally ran across the amazing nanoparticle green synthesis research going on around the world, but especially in India. This green synthesis is remarkably simple - make a decoction of any leaf, preferably a useful one, pour in the silver nitrate, wait a while until it changes colour and you've got the nanoparticles. The less concentrated solutions give you smaller NPs, the more ambient temperature gives you better shapes and stability.

Anyway, last week I made some from 1. Lemongrass, 2. Tulsi leaf and 3. Garlic from three studies I'd read about their synthesis.

I kept it aside until I found a way to impregnate fabric with it. Most of the techniques need boiling or glucose to set it or shaking. I decided against all of them and instead used it in my washing cycle for the dogs sheets and my clothes. I've put it out to dry in the sun, so lets see how sterile they make them tomorrow.

I used just a cupful - and my mixture was very weak on the silver, so not expecting much.

This nanosolution of tulsi smells amazing! I was tempted and took a sip - I'm feeling surprisingly good after it.
But from all I read, one study found that gut microorganisms actually increased when given a very small dose of nanosilver! Larger doses killed them, as did silver nitrate, but this kind of contradictory finding makes me leery of trying it on my animals just yet. Not only does silver accumulate in the tissues being a heavy metal, it can't be applied to the skin because of its UV propensity. So I need to learn to chelate heavy metals first before I go there.

But as an active disinfectant, it would be superb for me. I can wash all the animals clothes in it, I can put it on all the furniture and walls and floor to keep them free of bacteria and some fungi (there are some that aren't affected by silver NPs) and prevent them from infecting each other to the best of my ability.

I haven't figured out how to put it on the furniture yet, though, without getting my hands exposed to it and possibly have them go blue over time! All my gloves leak when I use them.:( Maybe I should spray it on and not touch it?

So ... it's just laundry for now, which is good enough. But very excited by this project so far!:)

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