Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Animals, weather and other problems

I've been struggling, as you all know, to help dogs resist weather, moon cycle and season change - that's what this blog has been about.

I was confident I'd find the solution in homeopathy with the help of Reiki, but along the way I recently realised that my homemade diet was inadequate in many ways, so I got into fortifying with nutrients. I'm hoping that with that base covered, I'd be able to pinpoint what they need in homeopathy to heal completely.

The moon cycle has been by far the easiest to understand. It's simply regular enough to pin down.:) Also, I've spent a lot of time on it. The nutrients too fall quite easily into the cycle - the electrolytes around the peaks of full and new moon, the nutrients building around the full moon cycle and the detox stuff around the new moon cycle.

Seasonal change too can be slightly overcome with magnesium and a bunch of plant remedies, at least, the fall to winter, winter to spring changes so far.

The weather has been the hardest.
Zinc and Copper certainly have a role in alleviating their suffering - Magnesium seems to increase it (paramagnetic!:).

Surprisingly, or maybe not, I think the AgNPs I used has helped them. Yesterday I used a bit of a splash rather than a teaspoon, and the slightly larger quantity seems to have helped them. I need to see if AgNO3 is even better since that's what they actually draw in Reiki rather than Arg met. The Castor oil might also have helped as I've used it, mixed with turpentine oil, flaxseed oil and rice bran oil. Iodine might have helped too. But I can't make out, since I've done it all in one go.

I really have to take it one at a time and not pile solution on solution. I just get too worried about them to take it slow - I want them all better all at once asap. Unscientific and also not very helpful to the greater number in the long run.

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