Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wrong in the Moon Cycle?

It's been slowly dawning on me that I may have the moon cycle wrong. Because of the power of the extremes of full and new moon, I hadn't noticed that the start of the cycles are actually at the Quarter moons.

This makes more sense, since the peaks and troughs aren't really the start of anything, but the extremes. The start is always in the middle.

If that is true, I'd have to adjust my thinking a bit -- if the cycle starts in First Quarter, then that's the root chakra area? And ends in Last Quarter, that would be the crown chakra? That would be a major change, toppling much of what I have done, but it would explain a lot of the confusion in Boger's work on the moon as well as mine.

Time to revisit Boger again. Boger has had a number of remedies that have worked around the First and Last Quarter moon. I always wondered about them, because I was so focused on getting the Full and New Moon remedies right. (Getting them right was also almost impossible - too many remedies are drawn during those peak periods. If they are the areas of the heart chakra and solar plexus, that would explain the metabolic speeding up of full moon and the dips of the new moon.)

Those quarter moon remedies of Boger were more consistent with deep healing than the bunching up of many remedies connected to digestion during the peak periods of the Full and New Moon. Or so it seemed - I need to read that book again to confirm it.

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