Thursday, April 23, 2015

Turpentine's unexpected effect!:)

The turpentine oil that I added to the food with castor oil hasn't any major effect, negative or positive, on the dogs as yet - it was just a teaspoonful in each vessel - but it has had an unexpected very welcome effect!

I finish cooking by around 3 pm, start feeding the cats, dogs and crows with meat at home at 3 pm, feed the rice to my dogs, rats and birds by 6 pm (it takes a while to cool the rice), and then one set of street dogs at 7:30 pm, the larger number between 3 am and 6 am.

But by the last set, the rice is off - spoilt even by the summer heat, but more set off by the weather change and especially around the new moon. (The meat is sticky and gluey too, but I've looked at that as positive imagining bacteria manufacturing Vitamin B12 during that time.:)

Yesterday's rice and meat though were amazingly preserved by the turpentine! Even such a small amount kept the rice and meat fresh all the way until 5 am when I fed the last dog.

I might repeat this just for that effect - of course, I'd like them to drop tapeworms, cleanse their colons and have the rest of the benefits as well, but just this preservation is amazing.

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