Sunday, April 5, 2015

The LQ-New Moon-FQ is finally a positive time!

This period from Last Qtr to First Qtr, and especially the New Moon, was a harrowing period for me. Dogs die especially during this time. Dogs that are recovering have set-backs. Normal, healthy cats and dogs come up with weird problems during this period which are virtually insoluble.

What's worse, things that go wrong in this period, never seem to get corrected again after (probably because it is in the nerves). Anyway, those 15 days have always been a time to get past and survive, rather than get any use out of.

But not now! In the last few weeks I've found a good reason to wait impatiently for this time - and mostly because I want to detox the animals. I feel I have a good idea of how to go about it, at least in theory! I need to give the toxic heavy metals in (higher?) potency to reduce the toxic load in animals.

These are the toxins that seem to bother the medical community and nutritionists on the net. Just as an aside - virtually every element in the periodic table seems to bother someone or the other, but this is the consensus list of the worst offenders in red:

 The ones in yellow are only in case of overdose, though they seem to also play some role in the body.

The colourless ones are also not considered harmless, just less harmful.:)

The thing that struck me is how all these dangerous toxic substances lie in a diagonal between gold and florine. So that's the line that I'll be concentrating on.

The next thing that struck me from my experience is that removing the red ones probably requires the yellow ones above and around it. So Cadmium will help remove Mercury and Zinc will then remove the Cadmium. Just as Iodine will remove Chlorine, Bromine and Florine, but they probably need to be done systematically.

I've found animals needs tons of Argent nitricum and Copper - maybe it is in the process of removing the Aurum that needs this. Likewise, Ancient drew tons of Cadmium - maybe there was a heavy load of mercury absorbed by his sensitive system that led to the epileptic fits? Likewise with Bromine and Florine - the animals draw more Chlorine than they do the Iodine.

More later.

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