Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reiki and Homeopathic roots!

In case you were wondering, I'm not that far from my Reiki and Homeopathic roots working with nutrients, which is why I haven't changed the name of the blog.

It is from my work in homeopathy and reiki that I realised that the dogs needed so much more of Magnesium, Copper and Silver than I had been providing. If I need to change anything, it is in the addition of the major nutrient sets so that I don't want to err.

If I get this set right, say, 3 tablespoons down to 1 tablespoon:
Fiber    6250000
Potassium    1000000
Calcium    750000
Phosphorus    740000

Half a tablespoon of this set:
Magnesium    150000
Chloride    150000
Sodium    100000

And a teaspoon of this set:
Vitamin C    23500
Zinc    21000

A half teaspoon of this set:
Iron    7500
Vitamin E    7000
Niacin    4000
Pantothenic Acid    4000
Copper     1500
Riboflavin    1300
Manganese    1200

I need to just add just a few drops of this set:
Thiamin/Vitamin B1    560
Choline    425
Vitamin K    410
Vitamin B6    400
Iodine    220

And give this set in homeopathic doses of 3x:
Selenium    90
Folic Acid    68
Vitamin A    53
Vitamin B12    9
Vitamin D    5
Vitamin B7 (biotin)   

That's how I'm looking at it now, dividing it into working lots that I can prepare and keep track of.

Then I can work with homeopathy more easily to figure out what the dogs are suffering from, or how the moon cycle affects them, and how the weather effects can be cured, what diseases they've inherited, etc.

I need to get the nutrients organised and out of the way to be able to do what I started of doing!

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