Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pre-mixing nutrient don'ts

I'd been putting a handful of whatever nutrient they seem to draw on any given day into the water when I'm cooking. Then when I read about the development of dmso in garlic if it's kept exposed, I began to put it in a rough grind in the mixie and use a spoonful of that to mix into the water after cooking. I did the same with fresh ginger which the cats loved. A big mistake was mixing the asafoetida, ginger and garlic which none of the animals loved - smelled awful to me too. Another big mistake was mixing the magnesium chloride with the soda bicarbonate - it bubbled out into a gloop that sits as a sediment at the bottom (science sites say that they shouldn't react, but they obviously haven't tried dropping a spoonful of soda bicarb in a saturated solution of mag chlor! Nothing quite like empirical evidence. I'd like to give them a pic of the mess, but they're all 'become a member to comment' kind of sites.:)

Well, now I've begun to make more sensible pre-mixes that I can use a spoonful of. This way they aren't getting too much of anything but a balanced amount of many nutrients.

1. Ginger mix: Ginger + turmeric + black til (sesame)
2. Jeera mix: Jeera -100 gms + Cupric chloride 1tsp + Zinc sulphate 1 tsp + Mang dioxide 1 tsp + Potassium iodate 1 tsp + Calc sulphate 10 tsp. Whisked together in a mixie.

The Jeera mix is quite adventurous and I'm rather proud of it. I'm adding Magnesium chloride or sulphate over this lot in the cooking, but I'll soon add crystals and mixie them all to bits.

The reason I'm hesitating is that I've just read that Cupric chloride reacts to Aluminium which is a bummer.:/ This means that I'd have to go back to copper sulphate which is yuck tasting or add this after cooking which would make it liquid and therefore probably more unstable than the powder mix.

The thing is that I have to mix all the sulphates together (copper, zinc, magnesium) and the chlorides together separately - putting them in combinations makes them react to each other, esp. copper sulphate with many other chloride ingredients.

They also draw more chlorides during the New Moon to Full Moon phase than the FM to NM phase (sulphates).

And both sulphates and chlorides need to be balanced with bicarbonates after the meal so that they don't acidulate the body too much. No easy way to do that since I'm not giving the street dogs any liquids after the meal. I can mix bicarbonate into the food, but it reacts to copper sulph and zinc sulph and reduces the ph making the food spoil easier.

So my reading says I've got to get to know more and my premixing is not perfectly in tune yet. Still I've made a start on getting the proportions right.:)

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