Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nutritional chart: Converting to a uniform metric

I've been overwhelmed by the numbers in adding nutrients - not only are they in mg, mcg, IU, pound and kg, they're also mostly out there for humans. The ones for dogs are in "per pound of dog food consumed" ... so that's almost useless for me. I'm going to be calculating the nutrients for 40-50 dogs and hopefully they'll be eaten evenly.

I'd found a nice almost complete list for humans with what looks like reasonable amounts, and then added a dog nutritional chart to it. There are some differences in the amount between dogs and humans, but it's close. I've converted everything to mcgs (micrograms) to avoid confusion between gms, mgs and mcgs along with IUs. I've gotten confused before thinking 1 gm = 10 mg instead of a 1000. Here's the converter I used.

My list isn't fantastic, I've seen better ones like this one. But nothing quite like having my own to correct and change as I go along.:)

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