Thursday, April 2, 2015

Long overdue

I leave so many posts unfinished with 'more later' when I have more thoughts but don't put them down for a later review. But it's not much of an issue since I haven't reviewed much either.:) I really should go through the blog and keep only the posts relevant to learning to heal and into the right theory and background.

I've been so disappointed by the late die-off which I'd hoped I'd avoided across the season change. I hoped I'd have saved them in the Jan-Feb period with my more polished selection of remedies, and awareness of the dangers of the season, but I still lost so many towards March. So that I should focus on next year.
Rule: I should look out for March and it's cyclones!

Anyway, my disappointment kept me from doing one critical thing - adjusting the toxins in place to eliminate gangrene and sepsis - for the rest of the year, in the next post. I was a bit confused about how to do it, but I think I've got a theory about how it works. Next.:)

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