Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kenchu's skin - what works, what doesn't

Kenchu, as I've mentioned before, is completely bald with bluish skin since the first dose of Psorinum 200 3 years ago. I'd have given up on his skin if only he didn't itch so much. So I keep trying.

What works:
  • Iodine - always makes his skin look and feel better. He loves it as well, sits patiently through the application of it.
  •  ALA-LA+vit E combination oil: This seems to work best. I read up on how those two fatty acids work with Vit E to make skin better, so I put the combination together - 9 rice bran oil to 1 linseed oil to 1 capsule of Vit E. He loved it!
  • Turpentine: The first application was good yesterday and he licked it up. This was probably because he has tapeworms as well, on and off, though not so much of late. But I'm a bit scared since it isn't exactly a nutrient and different from what I've tried before (a poison). Today he didn't like it as much, continued to itch and whine softly - so it probably shouldn't be applied every day. (Today I tried magnesium chloride, then the LA-ALA oils and last, when he was yelping, the turpentine. I had hoped his skin would like the chloride and then tried to alleviate his suffering with the latter two.)
What doesn't work:
  • Homeopathy: whatever homeopathy does, it pushes it out onto the skin - this is what I think prevents his skin from healing. So many of the remedies are antosporic. He's got too much going wrong inside to heal on the outside. A few remedies have brought back a few brave hairs, but not in any impressive way. The remedies he draws, like Helleborus, Bacillinum, Hydrocotyle, etc. don't seem to care about the hair.
  • Magnesium chloride: However excited I got about magnesium chloride's effect on my own dry skin on the shins, Magnesium chloride makes him yelp for hours and doesn't do anything good for his skin. I'm disappointed, but resigned.
  • Zinc sulphate: Initially he didn't react at all to the first application of Zinc, but every subsequent application has made him yelp and itch and change places a dozen times (which is his way of protesting any outrage).
  • Copper sulphate and chloride: He hates these two as much as he does the zinc and magnesium.
While I am reluctant to heal his skin without the inside being healed first (as homeopathy sensibly suggests), I feel compelled to try when he's itching for hours. I'm happy he licks up the Turpentine, etc. because that would be more homeopathic - some internal healing with the external. His primary problem is in his digestive system.

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