Thursday, April 16, 2015

Issues and worries

I don't feel guilty about adding chemical nutrients. Primarily because it's added nutrients that have extended human lifespans, and the majority of added nutrients have been chemical and synthesized.

I've been guilty of neglecting nutrition for so long that I feel all my dogs missed out. I feel I can only begin to heal properly once I've got this out of the way.

I was thinking about all those sites that say things like "zinc sulphate is a low grade nutrient" and I think they're wrong - if it's bioavailable then it is all there and all that the dogs need. I think there are no low-grades when it comes to bioavailability.

But I do have concerns:
  • I'm worried about adding sulphates, bicarbonates and chlorides together. I've seen them react to each other - so I have to get those separate.
  • I know that the sulphate cycle starts sometime after Full Moon, and the chloride one after New Moon. I still haven't got that correct.
  • I'm worried about cooking in aluminium vessels with these added nutrients. I haven't seen it develop a shiny surface, so I know that so far the aluminium hasn't lost it's protective oxide coating.
  • I haven't been giving them any vitamins regularly - I don't know how to add them. Before cooking means losing over 60% of it. I should get my head on straight about this: Sprinkle it on later and forget about the cats (who don't get the rice) or add more to cover the possible loss in cooking as food manufacturers do. Either way, I should feel easy about it as soon as I make a decision.
  • My greatest concern now is to get the proportions right, as I was explaining in my last post. Once I get all the mineral proportions down, then I'll figure out how much to add of the mixed minerals in wet weight for 60 dogs and about 30 cats, 30 rats, 30 crows and 30 kites.
  • I'm considering a spray-on for omega-3, dmso, iodine, fat-soluble vitamins, etc. because they're expensive and they're required in such small amounts. Finding a good spraying system isn't easy though. I would have liked to use a body spray too but I can't find one that's small enough to carry around yet.
More later

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