Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Iodine and storms

I have these long spells of peace which is almost like a calm before the storm. This time literally, because it is sultry and pre-storm weather - except that this time most of my animals seem ... quiet. Not as hyper or itchy and stressed as usual.

One kitten appears to have died in Blacky's set of 3. There's a smell around the attic where she's taken her kittens which probably means it's been dead a few days, the poor thing. The over-protective mother (her first set after almost 2 years) hasn't brought her other kittens out of that attic, so they're all living next to the rotting kitten.:( I thought I'd go in to reduce the stress on the mother, but I can't do it. The gardener has promised to get in and get the kitten out tomorrow - I can't bear to go in and find a bloated body in the darkness - it makes me nauseous to just think about it, so I chickened out.

Other than that, I think there's no other animal that is stressed by the weather in the immediate area. Icy appears to be alright and so does Kenchu. The trick for them both seems to be Iodine in the ears (Providone Iodine this time cause it's so painless). Maybe that's all I needed to do to prevent them from reacting to storms - only time will tell. Right now I've continued fortifying their food with Mag chlor, Zinc and a few homeopathic remedies. They still draw magnesium, zinc and iodine, but less desperately.

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